The Business Value of a Data Catalog

The value and benefits of a data catalog are often described as the ability for analysts to find the data they need quickly and efficiently. Data cataloging accelerates analysis by minimizing the time and effort that analysts spend finding and preparing data. Anecdotally it is said that 80% of self-service analysis without a data catalog is spent getting the data ready for analysis.

Using Boomi Data Catalog can cut that percentage from 80 to 20. Although there is a high degree of truth in this anecdotal view, it is insufficient to build a business case for technology investment. This ebook explores a business case that goes into detail on some of these benefits, and helps readers to estimate a return on investment. Initial investment for adding data cataloging processes to your business includes cost of software, investments in hiring staff and populating the catalog with metadata.

Learn more about the metrics to measure data catalog success such as:

  • Data analysis time
  • The ratio of time spent in data preparation versus analysis
  • Data catalog return on investment (ROI)
  • Frequency of shared data and shared analysis
  • Levels of trust in data and analysis