The leading global provider of hyperconverged IT infrastructure expands scalability to high order volumes with Boomi MCS, building on Boomi successes in automating processes, breaking down silos, and driving efficiencies.

Business Goals

Prioritizing business efficiency, flexibility, and scalability has helped Nutanix grow into a leading global provider of hyperconverged IT infrastructure, trusted by more than 23,000 organizations such as Home Depot, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Airbus.

The Boomi Enterprise Platform plays a crucial role in orchestrating operations, helping speed processes, reduce costs, and improve customer and partner satisfaction. Now, a strategic move to Boomi Managed Cloud Services (MCS) gives Nutanix additional capabilities in areas such as quote to cash, HR, and partner transactions.

Integration Challenges

Replacing legacy custom-coded integration, Boomi has helped Nutanix scale as revenue nearly doubled, to $1.58 billion in 2022. That growth saw huge order spikes at the end of each quarter that sometimes exceeded data processing limits specified in Nutanix’s Boomi public cloud license.

Instead of paying overage charges or installing Boomi on-premises in a data center, Nutanix chose MCS, which provides a dedicated single-tenant Boomi instance vs. the public cloud multi-tenant model in which resources are shared across customers.

How Boomi Helped

Though Nutanix never had notable outages with the Boomi public cloud, high availability and disaster recovery built into MCS supplies additional confidence that mission-critical processes will run uninterrupted. The company also gained customizability to, for example, extend default timeout limits for partner transaction processing.

With 150 Boomi integrations, Nutanix automates quote-to-cash processes between Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce, and streamlines HR processes between Workday and Slack. It’s also orchestrating transactions with resellers, distributors, manufacturers, and logistics firms, utilizing flexible Boomi APIs.


Boomi intelligent automation is saving 550 hours a month in quote to cash processes, minimizing manual data entry for sales ops staff and helping Nutanix accurately record revenue in compliance with ASC 606 revenue recognition standards.

Boomi helps Nutanix adapt as business models evolve, with complex integrations managed by a lean three-person team. The company:

  • Improved employee experiences with HR integration
  • Grew its partner network by meeting requirements for automated transactions
  • Ensures business continuity with high availability and disaster recovery