Flinders University

Ad hoc, point-to-point and manual integrations couldn’t support Flinders University’s vision for a digital campus. Flinders chose Boomi for integration, data quality management, API management and workflow automation in a single platform.

Business Goals

Flinders University, a top-ranked academic and research institution, provides education to more than 27,000 students. The university’s visionary initiative, Making a Difference: The 2025 Agenda, is supported by a five-year digital transformation strategy that includes moving up to 90 percent of its applications to the cloud.

Through a cloud-first approach, Flinders aims to:

  • Deepen engagement throughout the student lifecycle
  • Deliver personalized and customized experiences to its students and staff
  • Provide seamless access to education across the channels of students’ choice

Integration Challenges

Flinders needed to modernize its infrastructure to better support the educational needs of its students. This meant finding a cloud-native integration platform that would allow it to:

  • Support migration of its student management system and financial software from on-premise to software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • Quickly connect a diverse array of cloud and on-premise applications accessible across online, offline and mobile channels
  • Ensure data is up-to-date across all applications so it can accurately map student journeys

How Boomi Helped

Boomi’s low-code, cloud-native platform allowed the university’s six-person integration team — whose members had no previous integration experience — to quickly ramp up and successfully replace many legacy integrations with Boomi’s flexible connections.

And using Boomi, the team was able to rework and replicate 130 integrations between the student management system, its financial system and other applications, including systems for learning management, human resources, customer relationship management and admissions.


Flinders is using the Boomi Enterprise Platform to enrich and streamline student experiences, from recruitment and onboarding to graduation and alumni relations. With Boomi, the university has been able to:

  • Reduce integration development time by at least 2x
  • Support rapid deployment of 130+ integrations
  • Streamline onboarding and lower administrative overhead
  • Establish an integration center of excellence
  • Provide students with anytime, anywhere learning capabilities