The supply chain and logistics coordinator for a major Italian publishing group relies on Boomi’s low-code cloud solution to easily and visually integrate large data streams, involving multivendor, distributed applications.

Business Goals

Emmelibri coordinates distribution and commercial activities for a major publishing group, Messaggerie Italiane. Through its subsidiaries, the group is active in book distribution via wholesale, traditional and online bookstores, and large-scale retail outlets. Part of the logistics functions and all staff functions of the company’s operating subsidiaries have been centralized with Emmelibri. This centralization of logistics for Messaggerie Libri at Citta del Libro transformed the facility into one of the most modern, automated supply chain logistics sites in Europe.

Integration Challenges

Emmelibri’s business spans the entire book distribution supply chain and is at the center of a complex network of players, including wholesalers, distributors, warehouses, large-scale retailers, and bookstores. In a complex environment such as Emmelibri’s, it’s important to ensure the streamlined and accurate exchange of information between the different processes that must communicate with ERP, logistics and warehouse management, and ecommerce systems. This required flexible and resilient integration, which SAP had provided but was no longer up to the task.

How Boomi Helped

Boomi impressed Emmelibri with its innovative architecture, its ability to manage new applications in the cloud while being deployed on premise, the ease with which it could create simple, user-friendly data flows, and the high marks Boomi received from analysts.

Using Boomi, Emmelibri’s integration solution includes connectors for approximately fifty systems, plus EDI connectors for trading partners. More than 180 processes and data flows rely on these connectors, which were migrated into production between October and November 2020.


Boomi provides the necessary flexibility and agility to deliver automated and scalable integration to all stakeholders in the supply chain. Continuous updating via the cloud minimizes disruption to the business. From a systems management point of view, Boomi requires no special management oversight other than monitoring application workload sizing. The Boomi Enterprise Platform’s ease of use has made it easy for Emmelibri staff to gain integration so most integration tasks can be handled in house.