Elevate Your Boomi Partnership With the Refreshed Tech Partner Program

3 minute read | 18 Jan 2024

By Micky Somiari

Boomi is excited to introduce our revamped Technology Partner Program! We’ve redesigned the program in order to enrich partners’ collaboration with Boomi by providing more opportunities and resources.

Boomi Tech Partners Are Equipped To Win

The revamped Technology Partner Program, or TPP for short, introduces a tiering system that consists of 3 tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Regardless of tier, all partners are given the same standard benefits that streamline the way you collaborate with Boomi, such as full platform access for testing and verifying your software or solutions compatibility with Boomi, and the ability to engage with the broader Boomi community via connectors, recipes, and community articles. All Boomi Tech Partners can access the brand new Tech Partner Portal. This portal centralizes all the tools and resources provided to tech partners — documentation, marketing materials, and information on joint GTM opportunities — making it your one-stop hub for all things TPP.

While Boomi’s connector SDK is available to anyone for connector development, only Tech Partners can publish to our public library, which contains more than 300 connectors. The same is true for our public recipe catalog, Boomi Discover — only Tech Partners can publish to Boomi Discover, providing a unique opportunity to create great customer experiences. We recently released our new OpenAPI connector builder, which auto-generates a connector that adheres to Boomi’s standards with zero coding required. This framework reduces build time from weeks to just a few hours!

Get Rewarded for Building on Boomi

We’re also launching an exciting program for partners where your company can get paid for building connectors: the Boomi Connector Bounty Program (CBP)! We’re excited to create a new opportunity for partners to participate in enhancing the Boomi platform, while getting paid for their efforts. You can register your interest in the Connector Bounty program here to find out more.

Sign up to become a Boomi Technology Partner and start reaping the benefits of the new program today!