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Boomi AI

Your intelligent game changer.

Generative AI
for Integration and Automation

Change the game with an AI-first approach to making connections, so you can deliver business outcomes that change the future.

How it works

Learning from ~20K customers and 200M integrations, the generative AI resembles your thought process and translates your words into actions to radically connect applications, data, processes, people, and things.

Design connections

Let AI design integration processes, application programming interfaces, and master data models for you with built-in best practices from millions of successful use cases.

Optimize operations

Solve problems proactively with actionable intelligent insights that facilitate predictive maintenance, automated updates, and optimal resource allocation, allowing software to efficiently self-manage.

Orchestrate experiences

Interpret intent behind desired business outcomes to orchestrate processes across applications. Enhance decision making, simplify tasks and improve engagement.



Recommend the next best actions in developing integration processes with building blocks, including mapping, steps, and filters.

Integration Generator

Get started on connecting applications in 3 minutes with guidance from machine learning by answering a few simple questions.

Integration Design*

Interpret your needs through the questions you ask to design integration processes using its knowledge on similar context.



Boomi AI

Boomi AI is a conversational experience that harnesses the power of generative AI to radically simplify the work of building integrations and automation.

executive brief

Why an AI-First Strategy Is Essential for Success

AI can drive the radical simplification needed for true business transformation.

Press Release

Boomi AI Changes the Integration and Automation Game

Boomi announces a generative AI-based tool that accelerates business transformation within minutes.

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