Boomi Suggest and Your Privacy

Boomi Suggest leverages the collective intelligence of the Boomi community to suggest which fields should be mapped in a Data Map. It utilizes a complex series of algorithms to determine a level of confidence as to the likely accuracy of a given suggestion, enabling you to toggle high-confidence and low-confidence suggestions accordingly. Boomi Suggest is completely anonymous and does not store any customer-specific information or actual data of any kind. If desired, you can opt-out of Boomi Suggest to ensure your maps do not get indexed. You may change your Boomi Suggest settings in the Account Information section of Setup.

Individual fields contained within Data Profiles get indexed. Specifically, the field names and their hierarchy are indexed, as well as the mapping relationships between them. This information is not queryable or browseable in any way by any Boomi customers or employees.

None of the following information is ever indexed at any time:

  • Data Map Functions
  • Static values within the Data Map
  • Processes
  • Operations
  • Connections
  • Cross Reference Tables
  • Certificates
  • Account information
  • Contact information
  • Author information

Please note that you can opt out of Boomi Suggest at any time. If you are opted out of Boomi Suggest you will not be able to see or utilize any Data Map suggestions. Once you opt out of Boomi Suggest your maps will no longer be indexed, however because the index is completely anonymous, any maps and profiles indexed during the opt in period will remain.