DevOps enabled iPaaS

Balance productivity and control to
deliver innovation at speed.

A Solution for Every Need

Continuously deliver better outcomes

Seamlessly plug Boomi into your DevOps practices and CI/CD tools for automated, repeatable, and quality deployments. Get instant visibility into changes, reuse artifacts across dispersed teams, and automate the validation, release, and ongoing management of your Boomi processes, APIs, flows, and other components. Coordinate with other software deployments and deliver your Boomi solutions quickly, consistently, and confidently.


Enabling Speed, Innovation,
and Agility

Enforce Governance

Commit Boomi artifacts into repositories, have instant visibility into changes, and reuse across distributed teams.

Ensure Quality

Encapsulate integration process logic into isolated units of work and automate testing by leveraging open source or preferred vendor.

Release with Confidence

Automate deployment of artifacts between environments, orchestrate releases, and monitor to roll back safely if needed.

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