Midsize Switzerland-based utility company speeds SAP ERP data extraction by 9X to create an innovative service line and deliver an efficient customer self-service portal

Objectifs d’entreprise

WWZ AG wanted to strengthen its market position and bundle utility services with telecom services for its telecom subscribers and utility service customers.

It needed to build a new self-service portal to quickly provision customer services and automate the underlying processes. WWZ’s IT team needed to be able to easily extract a high volume of data out of its SAP S/4HANA enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to feed various technical third-party planning applications within its ecosystem.

Défis technologiques

Extracting large amounts of data from an SAP ERP integrated with multiple third-party applications is complex.

WWZ IT had experience using SAP’s Process Integration (PI) tool to exchange data between SAP applications. But, reliance on it for third-party applications would be costly and require the team to rebuild approximately 32 application interfaces around SAP.

Further complicating matters, WWZ is planning its migration from SAP R/3 to S/4HANA.

Comment Boomi est venu en aide

WWZ found its perfect solution with Boomi aXis for SAP, purpose-built to quickly and easily extract and exchange data from SAP applications across a broader ecosystem.

“Boomi aXis for SAP was the only solution we found that would connect our existing SAP and third-party application data from R/3 directly to the new self-service portal,” says WWZ CTO Stefan Willi. “With Boomi aXis we extracted data out of SAP R/3 significantly faster and were able to deploy at triple the speed.”

Résultats pour l’entreprise

Using Boomi aXis for SAP, extracting data leveraging pre-defined SAP templates is 9X faster than WWZ’s previous method. “We have dramatically reduced the time to get data out of SAP and into other third-party applications and vice versa with Boomi aXis,” says Willi.

Boomi enables WWZ to create a robust data layer to drive insights and accelerate decision making and business outcomes, such as the launch of its new subscription services for 60,000 cable-internet customers.