Precision Medical Products

Fast-growing device manufacturer builds a “single system of truth” with Boomi, generating analytic insights for faster, smarter business decisions.

Objectifs d’entreprise

Launched as a garage startup in 2010, Precision Medical Products (PMP) has rapidly expanded to become a leader in non-pharmaceutical technologies and devices.

Today, PMP employs 130 people, serves more than 150,000 customers, and enjoys annual sales of nearly $50 million. The company has also spawned four affiliated entities — EmphaSource, Ortho8, Premier Medical and Perkin Ventures — creating even more opportunities for future growth.

But to continue its success, PMP knew it needed a scalable technology infrastructure that could support its ambitious business plans.

Défis technologiques

PMP upgraded its enterprise resource planning system to the Oracle NetSuite cloud platform and began to design a cloud-based data warehouse to generate better, faster business insights.

But the company still needed a way to connect NetSuite and its data warehouse while providing agility to transform its business in other areas.

First, PMP explored custom development. But this would limit speed, flexibility and scalability. The next step was trying a well-known cloud data integration platform — which proved to be “a horrible experience.”

Comment Boomi est venu en aide

PMP selected the Boomi Platform based its low-code development and cloud-native functionality. As added bonus, Boomi offered deep expertise in data and application management for the healthcare industry.

With the aid of Boomi Professional Services, PMP’s first integration was live in a mere two weeks — and the entire project was completed in just two months.

PMP can now easily extend integrations across brand, distribution, medical billing and real estate for its Ortho8 product. It is using real-time analytic insights to run a faster, smarter business with its Boomi-powered data warehouse.

Résultats pour l’entreprise

Boomi makes possible a “single system of truth” for PMP’s analytics on revenue, margins, costs, customers, products and more. This gives PMP staff the data they need to make informed decisions, innovate business models and accelerate business improvements and growth.

PMP has realized multiple benefits with the Boomi Platform, including:

  • Low-code development that is 90% faster than other integration approaches
  • Built-in HIPAA support to encrypt data for regulatory compliance
  • Pre-built NetSuite and Azure connectors, with full support for customization
  • Ease-of-use, scalability and cost-effectiveness