“Boomi AtomSphere allowed Burroughs to integrate multiple disparate systems and alleviate multiple manual processes into a simplistic automated solution that is easy to maintain and understand.” — Terrill Rust, Marlin Investments National Project Manager

Burroughs was undergoing a massive system reorganization that involved the reduction of 52 different systems to three distinct platforms: Servigistics to handle service lifecycle management, Solarsoft used as an ERP platform (handling accounting, manufacturing, and supply chain management), and Four51 as the public facing storefront. As the three systems were implemented there were very specific and mission critical integration needs identified:

    • When a service ticket is created within Servigistics, the corresponding supply chain management tasks associated with that ticket process need to be initiated and handled within the Solarsoft process.
    • Customer and contract data must be in constant synchronization between the Solarsoft and Servigistics system.
    • Part replenishment requests from Servigistics need to flow to Solarsoft.
    • Part requests made by service technicians using Servigistics need to flow to Solarsoft.
    • All shipments associated with part requests and service ticket fulfillment must be captured and updated in the Servigistics system.
    • Sales orders placed on the Four51 website need to be processed and shipped via Solarsoft.
    • Shipment notifications from Four51 need to be captured in real time and the Solarsoft system needs to be updated with applicable data.
    • Ability to email internal and external users at different process points in any of the defined requirements.
    • All core integration had to be completed and production ready within one month.

Integration Requirements

Burroughs required the ability to connect to the following:

  • SQL Server Database
  • AS400 DB2 Database
  • SOAP Web Services
  • HTTP Request/Response Model Services
  • File system directories (via UNC and local paths)
  • SMTP Mail Services
  • set up and configuration of an HTTP listener that would allow Four51 the ability to send real time orders.

Along with the connectivity requirements, Burroughs was adamant about working with a platform that allowed for process scalability and failover.


After careful evaluation of the available options, Burroughs selected the Boomi Atomsphere® platform and Intellect International USA (IIUSA) application engineers to deploy a fully tailored integration solution. Because of Boomi’s large number of adapters available within the Boomi environment, every one of the integration requirements were achievable within a single package. The Boomi Molecule® technology allows for scalability across multiple machines, while preserving the concept of a single environment. Should one of the machines fail, process distribution is handled across the remaining atoms.

IIUSA gathered the requirements for each of the integration needs and quickly established a plan of action to create, test and deploy the integrations . The integration processes comprised of many complex tasks including accessing of data from applications located at external sites, data mapping, transformation and validation, loading data into back-end systems, error notifications, exception condition just to name a few. Boomi Atomsphere® automated all these complex processes within a single platform, where results could be easily monitored and reported on. The implementation of the Molecule® allows Burroughs to add environments as their number of integrations and volume within those processes increase as well as provide a failover plan which is consistent with their current infrastructure initiatives.

Boomi Benefits

  • Easy to Modify Business Rules: To meet future integration and process management needs, Burroughs can easily modify existing business rules using intuitive and process oriented interface provided by Boomi.
  • Easily Extend Integrations: Burroughs can continue to integrate with all of their data sources at no additional license costs. If a new integration partner is required, adding a connector is a very simple operation.
  • Reusability: IIUSA provided many reusable components to Burroughs, allowing for shorter development times in the future.
  • Scalability: If Burroughs integration needs increase, the use of the Boomi Molecule® allows for the quick and simple addition of another processing node.
  • Reliability: If a server hosting an atom were to fail, the Boomi Molecule® technology would shift processing responsibility to the remaining atoms.
  • Accessibility: Since Boomi’s development, management and reporting console are all hosted in the cloud, Burroughs and IIUSA resources can access the environment from anywhere at any time.

Business Benefits

  • Error free transactions and streamlined processes were achieved without revamping Burroughs’s existing IT infrastructure.
  • Manual data duplication has been eliminated completely. Now there is no need for multiple and manual entry of data. Human assets use their time more productively.
  • Integration has made it possible to efficiently streamline manufacturing, shipping, and targeted service level agreement times, which has helped reduce the number of customer queries and minimize efforts spent on attending and resolving those queries.

Expediency Leads to Substantial Cost Savings
The time urgency of completing the systems integrations at Burroughs was critical in order to eliminate a significant upcoming cost. The combination of Boomi’s quick design infrastructure, multiple connector suite, and robust management console coupled with IIUSA’s Boomi certified consultants allowed Burroughs to recognize an immediate cost savings of $430K the first month. Over the upcoming year Burroughs will ultimately save over $5,160,000 in legacy systems costs.

About Burroughs

Burroughs Payment Systems, Inc. offers its customers access to world class service, industry leading technology, and overall support for a portfolio of payment related needs. The Burroughs headquarters, located in Plymouth, Michigan is home to research and development, manufacturing, sales and support organizations for all product lines and services. These organizations are collectively responsible for both repeatable and custom solutions like the industry-leading SmartSource® check and document scanners and SmartCash™ cash automation solutions. Enterprise servers, device performance management software, a wide range of printer products, and a variety of financial supplies combined with implementation and maintenance services complete the Burroughs portfolio.