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Kelly-Moore Paints Gains Efficiencies With Integration

With Dell Boomi, we are saving time and money, and enabling our users and making them efficient—we are accomplishing our mission.
Julius Mercado, Retail Applications Analyst, Kelly-Moore Paints

Business Challenge

Kelly-Moore, one of the most recognized names and largest privately held companies in the paint industry, needed to give their sales organization one view of all customer records, and it needed to happen quickly. Headquartered in San Carlos, Calif., Kelly-Moore is one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the United States, where each employee-owner is committed to offering exceptional customer service.

After selecting Salesforce as their CRM solution due to its flexibility and ability to grow along with their needs and business requirements, the company wanted to quickly and capably integrate information from ERP and POS systems into their new CRM system before launching it to their sales organization.

Complicating the issue was the fact that Kelly-Moore’s previous integration experiences had been costly, in more ways than one: the integrations were built using database procedures and custom scripts, work that was largely outsourced to third-party vendors who didn’t always use repeatable processes.

“Moving away from static processes and custom code was a positive step forward from a technology standpoint,” says Julius Mercado, retail applications analyst at Kelly-Moore Paints. “Salesforce is extremely flexible. Now we needed an integration solution of equal flexibility to bring everything together, and we hoped it would lower the costs of doing business while improving our efficiencies.”

Longer term, the company had plans for EDI integration with a 3PL vendor partner.


Rapid implementation leads to value & efficiencies

Kelly-Moore looked to their Salesforce application vendor for recommendations on an integration solution. The vendor came back immediately with two recommendations, including Dell Boomi. “It didn’t take long to realize that Dell Boomi has the flexibility, robustness and functionality we needed right out of the box,” said Mercado. “We asked both candidates for a proof of concept, and Dell Boomi was the only company that was able to demonstrate their capabilities using the data elements we needed.”

Kelly-Moore needed daily integrations and they were up against a tight implementation timeline of two to three months for the initial implementation.

“A cost-effective way to jumpstart our usage and implementation of AtomSphere was using professional services and training provided by Dell Boomi. With some help from their experienced team we were able to quickly implement our own integrations, and manage them with greater confidence.”

Without Dell Boomi, according to Mercado, Kelly-Moore would be forced to manage unpredictable costs and productivity inefficiencies. “Our business requirements will change over time, necessitating changes to the applications we use and the integrations associated with them. Without Dell Boomi, we’d have to put together a statement of work (SOW) for each managed service provider, and have them build out custom code, which could take months. With Dell Boomi, we are much more agile, we can do it ourselves.”

Dell Boomi has also enabled a completely centralized view of all customer accounts, making essential data more accessible to the Kelly-Moore sales organization. “Our IS team mission is ‘Enabling the business through the effective use of technology,’” said Mercado. “With Dell Boomi we are saving time and money, and enabling our users and making them efficient—we are accomplishing our mission.”

Kelly-Moore now has a high level of comfort knowing their data is flowing into Salesforce. After the initial implementation, the company added integrations so that data is also sent back out to the POS system.

“Previously, some customer pricing activities involved a two-step process,” said David Hammel, retail applications manager. He explains that after a sales representative requested special pricing in Salesforce, approved requests would go to another group that entered it manually into the system, driving pricing at the point of sale. “Using Dell Boomi we were able to close the loop to our back-end system. After a price is approved in Salesforce, it’s automatically interfaced to the POS system, eliminating the double data entry we had before. These integrations run multiple times each hour, because special customer pricing must be available at point of sale quickly—a daily overnight feed isn’t acceptable in our business model. We were able to meet the needs of the business and reduce man hours using Boomi as our integration tool.”

With the data flowing back and forth between both systems, the Dell Boomi integrations are driving greater efficiency, Mercado said. “In Salesforce we’re giving our sales team a 360-degree view of the customer so they don’t have to go into another application to make a change.”

Streamlined workflows, proactive problem-solving

After its Salesforce integration was completed, Kelly-Moore wanted to further streamline its logistics operations by using EDI to leverage a 3PL provider to handle distribution of goods to stores and shipments sent directly to customers. But the company also wanted to avoid incurring the cost of EDI translation software.

“Dell Boomi’s professional services team implemented EDI with our external vendor partner by developing those EDI processes for us,” said Mercado. He explains that a purchase order entered in the POS system is now integrated into their Oracle E-Business Suite manufacturing system. Because of Dell Boomi’s built-in EDI capability, it was a simple decision to leverage the tool for the EDI translation. “Dell Boomi consultants have a lot of experience with EDI, and they were instrumental in getting us up and running,” said Grant Gouldon, senior applications manager. He adds that the Dell Boomi piece of the EDI project was implemented in about four weeks. “Because Boomi is so easy to work with, we could make modifications ourselves without having to bring in the experts again.”

Gouldon noted that it’s also easy to monitor information flow. “With Boomi AtomSphere, you can look transaction by transaction, and we get email alerts if there’s a problem. We can use the Boomi dashboard to look at which transaction had a problem, find out when it happened, and why it happened—it’s very valuable.” The Kelly-Moore team relies on these alerts to proactively correct setup errors, so that the business units can react and proactively prevent problems from occurring at the store level.

Kelly-Moore has identified other opportunities for integration. The company is piloting Dell Boomi integration to send information to a pricing recommendation tool and pull the tool’s suggestions into Salesforce. Another new application for commission and incentive accounting is also being integrated into Salesforce, via Dell Boomi, allowing sales reps to view their commissions through the tool.

Because stores order product from Kelly-Moore each week, Mercado said they saw an opportunity to use Boomi to automatically email purchase orders from the POS system to an outside vendor to consume, eliminating the need for faxing or manually emailing orders to the outside vendor. While this has reduced the number of faxes, it’s also helped standardize the process for each store’s manual emails to instead be entered into the POS system.

The Bottom Line

Kelly-Moore reports the following operational and performance benefits as a result of using Dell Boomi as their application integration solution:

Ease of Use

Kelly-Moore has been able to build, implement and manage their integrations. “I was immediately impressed with Boomi AtomSphere—its flexibility, dependability and ease of use made streamlining our integrations between systems much easier. New integrations, as well as updates to existing processes, can be developed quickly, tested and deployed in short time frames,” said Hammel.

Costs Savings

With the very easy learning curve of Dell Boomi AtomSphere, Kelly-Moore found the “time to power” very short. They also avoided the expense of several months’ worth of outside development resources by working with Dell Boomi. Additional enhancements and changes can be implemented quickly and easily with in-house staff, which allows Kelly-Moore to control the cost of ownership. “At Kelly-Moore, we want to focus our energy and resources on the quality of our paint and the quality of the interactions with our customers, not necessarily on IT infrastructure,” said Gouldon. “Dell Boomi allowed us to maximize the productivity of our IT team to quickly provide our sales reps with a tool that boosts their effectiveness and gives them a 360-degree view of their customers. The power and flexibility of Dell Boomi enables us to keep a lid on the ongoing cost of ownership as our needs evolve.”

Rapid development and implementation time

Kelly-Moore was able to implement the first phase of their integrations within their required two- to three-month timeframe. The EDI project was implemented as part of another project and took just four weeks, said Gouldon. “Dell Boomi is our tool of choice any time we need to implement integrations between applications,” he said, “because of the combination of successes we’ve had with AtomSphere, the high degree of confidence that it’s going to work—and work well—and that it allows us to monitor the flow of information very easily. And it’s very easy to work with.”

Time to value

Dell Boomi offers pre-built connectors for many software-as-aservice (SaaS) and on-premises applications, including Salesforce and Oracle EBS. It also offers Boomi Suggest, which anonymously indexes data mappings across all Dell Boomi customers. The Dell Boomi team also has extensive knowledge about how to best integrate applications. This provided Kelly-Moore with a significant head start on building the integration between Oracle and Salesforce. The ease of building custom maps facilitated the interface between Kelly-Moore’s retail system and Salesforce. Within two months, Kelly-Moore had sophisticated integrations in production, and they were able to provide their field sales force with one complete view of their customers in a single location.

According to Mercado, “Kelly-Moore Paints is enabling our company through the efficient use of technology by integrating ERP and POS systems with Salesforce. Dell Boomi is the out-of-the-box solution that allows us to do this efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively.”

About Kelly-Moore Paints

Headquartered in San Carlos, Calif., Kelly-Moore is one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the United States, where each employee-owner is committed to offering exceptional customer service. When you call or visit a Kelly-Moore store you are speaking with an owner. A leader and innovator of waterborne-coating technology, Kelly-Moore was the first major paint company to offer recycled paints, along with one of the largest selections of stock colors. Kelly-Moore is one of the few companies to continue to offer stock colors for superior color consistency. Trusted and preferred by professionals since 1946 as the “Painter’s Paint Store” for its high-quality, performance and consistency, Kelly-Moore’s paints are safe and easy to use for everyone. The company’s environmentally friendly paint factory in San Carlos, Calif. is the recipient of four widely recognized and among the most stringent environmental awards. Kelly-Moore is dedicated to giving back to the communities it serves. This ethos is reflected in its corporate giving program and its numerous industry-leading green business accolades.

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