Igepa Belux

Wholesale business-to-business distributor uses the Boomi Enterprise Platform to connect data from its ERP system to a growing portfolio of best-of-breed applications.

Business Goals

Igepa Belux wanted to make “frictionless” service part of its product offerings, so it developed a digital roadmap to increase and support innovation. The roadmap would allow the company to:

  • Connect ERP data to various best-of-breed software applications
  • Create user-friendly online interfaces to company products and services
  • Deliver the right data, at the right time, to customers and suppliers

Accomplishing these goals was essential to Igepa’s efforts to remain competitive, while executing its strategy of sustainability, diversification, and digitization.

Integration Challenges

Igepa’s ERP system handled the bulk of business operations. But data flows were architected to fulfill internal processing and reporting requirements, not the needs of customer and supplier facing systems. The company needed an integration layer to translate its ERP software’s complex business logic and streamline data flows to those systems.

Over the long term, Igepa wanted to unbundle business operations such as warehouse management from its ERP system and connect best-of-breed systems to ERP data through integration.

How Boomi Helped

To solve its technology challenges, Igepa chose the cloud-native, low-code Boomi Enterprise Platform for its combination of power and ease of use. The Boomi Enterprise Platform allowed Igepa’s IT team, as well as less technical users, to master the basics of integration. Building a Boomi AtomSphere process requires minimal coding.

The first major project Igepa took on was exporting product data from its ERP system to a product management system and connecting that to its ecommerce site.


The Boomi Enterprise Platform has been the key for Igepa to accomplish two essential business objectives:

  1. Reducing reliance on its ERP system for business operations, without losing the value of ERP data. The company has started harnessing various operations to best-of-breed applications, such as warehouse management.
  2. Greater speed, increased efficiency, and easier change management when integrating processes and data sources.

With the Boomi Enterprise Platform, the company is building a foundation of connectivity that can scale and grow with the business.