Fred Hollows Foundation

International charity implements Boomi to align critical data and boost operational efficiency

Business Goals

The Fred Hollows Foundation is a charity working to eliminate avoidable blindness in the residents of more than 25 countries, having already restored sight to more than two million people.  The foundation needed cloud-based integration to align with its 100-percent cloud model and provide greater access to and control over critical data.

Integration Challenges

Data is central to Fred Hollows’ business model. The foundation needs accurate, reliable data to understand the demographics and needs of patient groups and build health system capacity around the world.

To make better use of its data, Fred Hollows moved legacy applications to the public cloud and adopted a SaaS-first policy for new applications. But integrating and synchronizing this hybrid environment and ensuring that it was accessible from any location was a major challenge.

How Boomi Helped

Using the Boomi integration platform, the foundation connects its human resources (HR) platform – which underpins its people data – with other systems such as Active Directory, email, File Services and workflows in real time.

This connected environment ensures that employees located anywhere in the world, including remote areas, can perform their time-sensitive jobs with accurate information. Boomi is also integral to the foundation’s project and program management system, which connects to at least five technical systems.