Gourmet food distributor deploys Dell Boomi iPaaS with EDI integration​

First Source implemented the Dell Boomi low-code integration platform with EDI capabilities so it could automatically receive orders, send invoices and distribute shipping information 24×7.​

Dell Boomi is a fantastic product for EDI. I have recommended it to our customers that are transitioning beyond a small business mentality to make sales and invoicing move at a highly efficient, high-performance pace.
Kelley Parkes, Director of Technical Operations, First Source​

Business Goals

First Source distributes its products through a single retail outlet and to customers nationwide via online sales and retail partners, so having a secure and high-performing technology infrastructure is critical to the business. As First Source grew, it needed a way to improve the speed and quality of its order processing and distribution.

Integration Challenges

To keep up with customer demand, First Source needed to significantly increase its order processing speed and volume capacity and improve order accuracy — without adding headcount. The company also wanted to shorten the order-to-cash cycle and gain the ability to provide information to customers in real time.

How Boomi Helped

First Source uses Dell Boomi B2B/EDI management to share information with trading partners and customers, take orders, and send electronic invoices and real-time logistics and shipping details. The company now uses it for nearly 40 trading partners.

When First Source brings a customer on as a trading partner using Boomi EDI, the onboarding process is fast. Customers gain a high-speed, efficient way to trade orders, invoices, shipping paperwork and other documents.


Boomi helps First Source serve its customers better and faster while eliminating human error. With Boomi, First Source has:

  • Automated the distribution of hundreds to thousands of electronic invoices per month
  • Increased order processing speed and efficiency
  • Improved order and sales forecasting accuracy
  • Reduced order-to-cash cycle
  • Provided real-time process visibility
By receiving an order electronically through Boomi EDI, we process the order extremely quickly with 100-percent accuracy.
Kelley Parkes, Director of Technical Operations, First Source​

First Source distributes hundreds if not thousands of electronic invoices every month. Without Boomi EDI that would require significant person hours.​