Dell Boomi Helps DocuSign Drive Growth by Automating and Streamlining Business Processes Across the Organization

DocuSign’s cloud-first strategy relies on Boomi’s low-code integration platform to connect applications and ensure data quality to lower costs, increase scalability and enable data-driven decision across a growing list of global offices.

Every time we've needed a new enterprise-related integration process, Boomi has proven it could scale to meet the demand while maintaining the security our business requires.
Long Lam, Director, Director of Enterprise Architecture, DocuSign

Business Goals

As a rapidly growing global business — with 50,000 new customers joining the DocuSign Global Trust Network every day — the company needed a centralized integration platform to support the business-critical transactions it handles for customers.

The company’s success hinges on ensuring carrier-grade reliability, bank-grade security, and assured regulatory compliance within a constantly changing legal and technology landscape.

Integration Challenges

DocuSign’s business units used a variety of applications, and they typically handled the integration of those applications in an ad hoc manner. Data was moved from one system to another through the exchange of spreadsheet, requiring tedious and repetitive manual steps.

Each business unit managed its own integration processes — which led to inconsistencies in the data. As the company expanded, so did the number of siloed applications. But that data needed to be shared across the organization.

How Boomi Helped

Initially, DocuSign need to manage a large ERP data migration to a new system. With Boomi, DocuSign found a unified, scalable integration platform that simplified its ERP data migration, streamlined business processes and increased the speed of data sharing between applications.

As it used Boomi, DocuSign saw a growing range of integration projects that Boomi would help accelerate.

Boomi’s single-platform, multi-tenant architecture fit with the company’s cloud-first strategy, and Boomi is now DocuSign’s enterprise application integration platform.


Today, instead of shuffling around spreadsheets, DocuSign uses Boomi to share data between several business-critical platforms, such as billing, expense management, CRM, human resources, ERP and DocuSign’s product. Boomi helps DocuSign to:

  • Automate, streamline and standardize repeatable processes
  • Put accurate and current data into systems employees use daily
  • Simplify the user experience and support data-driven decisions
  • Reduce the monthly accounting close from several extended work days to a few hours
  • Quickly and easily activate and deactivate user accounts across systems

DocuSign reduced processing time for refunds by 78%