Boomi partnered with the Nalta Group to help pioneering Dutch start-up digitalAngel create one of the world’s first open IoT platforms for connecting and managing data from any smart healthcare device.

Business Goals

As technology rapidly transforms healthcare, digitalAngel wanted to create a single platform that manages IoT-driven, sensor-based medical devices, mobile applications and wearable technologies.

digitalAngel’s aim is to provide comprehensive information, unified on a single platform, to automate tasks and lower costs while efficiently sharing data and delivering better insights for improving patient care.

By partnering with Boomi, digitalAngel has been able to quickly integrate devices, data and applications into a unified, massively scalable, highly secure and reliable digital infrastructure.

Integration Challenges

digitalAngel’s first project focused on intelligent mattresses. Wired with temperature, pressure, and movement sensors, these mattresses alert staff to unusual sensor readings to monitor patient health.

The company chose not to build the platform from the ground up but to assemble best-of-breed components. Working closely with Boomi and Nalta, digitalAngel met several integration challenges, which included:

  • Using Salesforce Identity Cloud for hosting information related to partners, customers and users
  • Supporting a care portal providing information on the sleeping activity of patients
  • Enabling alerts on mobile devices

How Boomi Helped

digitalAngel selected Boomi because it could deliver scale, flexibility, high availability and resiliency by combining any number of Atoms (Boomi’s run-time integration engine) into a Boomi Molecule.

Speed is also critical. For the digitalAngel platform to take hold, it must rapidly develop and introduce new technologies and capabilities much faster than traditional integration projects. With Boomi integration, tasks that used to take weeks or months now take only hours or days, digitalAngel reports.


Boomi helps digitalAngel run faster and much more efficiently by seamlessly connecting and managing all of its data. With Boomi, digitalAngel and Nalta can to run independent development, test and production environments while maintaining only one code base, greatly streamlining integration project work.

Boomi also filled digitalAngel’s requirement to partner with “A” list vendors, ones that digitalAngel could depend on throughout the long, evolving life of its IoT platform.

And Boomi’s flexibility ensures that digitalAngel can explore its seven “domains” of smart healthcare: smart living, smart medication, smart entertainment, smart activity, smart nutrition, smart communication and smart mobility.

quote Boomi was at least two years ahead of any vendor in the market, especially for speed and ease of use. quote
Peter de Lange, Managing Director, digitalAngel