Internet security provider automates billing process, efficiently manages thousands of daily customer signups, and speeds revenue recognition verification by 66 percent.

Business Goals

Better billing is essential for Cloudflare, a fast-growing provider of a cloud security platform protecting more than 26 million Internet properties from attacks.

Every day, thousands of new customers sign up, most of which are small and midsize businesses (SMBs). To accommodate them, Cloudflare needs a robust billing platform that can automatically process a high volume of contracts and handle spikes in signup volume. And as a security company, Cloudflare must ensure it’s not doing business with bad actors or blacklisted sites.

Integration Challenges

Cloudflare’s self-service signup process for customers was simple enough on the front end, but its backend wasn’t. The company’s legacy billing solution, a combination of multiple homegrown tools with on-premises and third-party solutions, was complex and taxed its resource-constrained team.

Additionally, when Cloudflare’s marketing team launched upsell campaigns, the billing platform couldn’t handle spikes in plan signups. Cloudflare’s subscription business needed a billing system that could track customer usage in real time and create notifications for any usage overages.

How Boomi Helped

Cloudflare chose Boomi to help it create an automated, secure, and scalable billing solution for self-service and high-volume sales. Boomi’s low-code development environment delivered the ease of use, reusability, and communication orchestration Cloudflare needed.

Boomi’s cloud-native integration platform and Managed Cloud Service deliver a zero-footprint deployment that supports customer signups and volume spikes. Cloudflare can now reliably extract customer usage data from its internal systems and pass it to Boomi, which automatically sends the information to Cloudflare’s financial and CRM systems.


Cloudflare is now delivering high-volume, high-velocity sales with an automated billing system. Engineering resources don’t have to manage system integrations, giving them more time to create new features, get them into product catalogs faster, push code to more than 190 data centers simultaneously, and reduce time to market.

Leveraging Boomi’s reusable framework, Cloudflare overhauled its  revenue recognition process, too. By reusing components and templates from the billing project, Cloudflare integrated its revenue recognition platform, Zuora RevPro, into NetSuite in just four months.

quote We needed an integration layer that would support one million daily API calls today and scale as that doubles in two years. With Boomi, we could achieve that cost effectively. quote
Minni Mulakkayala, IT Manager for Integrations and Data Strategy, Cloudflare