Why Your Next ERP or CRM Project Will Benefit From an iPaaS

By Rodney Douglas

A traditional roll-out of a major application suite for enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) is both costly and labor intensive.

A lot of time is spent making sure your integration platform is actually going to work — scoping out the right hardware, opening firewalls, making sure environments are secure and consistent, and multiple rounds of testing of different releases in various environments.

These days, organizations can do a lot better. Cloud-native, low-code integration provides clear-cut advantages for organizations looking to drive digital transformation projects.

Take it from us. Anatas has used nearly all of the vendors from the past generation of on-premise, heavyweight integration technologies.

But the new generation of integration platforms is here. Once you adopt an iPaaS to address your integration challenges, your organization will gain clear-cut advantages with far greater operational speed and strategic agility.

Changing the Game With Boomi

Our first implementation project with Boomi was for a client who needed to set up a new, complete, standalone business within 12 months.

Even if the client had an unlimited budget and resources, it would have been impossible to execute this project on time with the platforms that we had been using.

The client was working with a variety of SaaS delivery partners, all running as fast as they could to implement new cloud applications (workforce management, timekeeping, finance modules, etc).

The integration work stream was started after the business application streams, partly due to bandwidth and also to ensure that their new integration platform would compliment their selected SaaS products.

Anatas was brought in to guide the integration work and partner with the other delivery teams.

Due to the power of Boomi, we were able to support six different application projects all running in parallel, at high speed, with only an integration project manager and three and a half integration consultants.

Boomi’s templates and drag-and-drop tools significantly increase the speed of integration configuration. Processes that used to take weeks now take days. And things that took days now take only hours. Equally important is that environment management and deployments are now super simple.

The result to the client was that a single senior consultant could support an entire SaaS application stream. Historically each application/stream would have required an entire team of people.

Streamlined Application Modernization

Nearly all organizations already have an existing ERP and CRM. And many organizations are looking to undertake application modernization projects. Of those that already have an ERP and/or CRM, some choose to stay with the same vendor and move from an on-premise to cloud version of the same product. Others, however, might change vendors when they move to the cloud.

And complicating things further, the large ERP vendors are also starting to decouple their offerings to allow customers to pick and choose the pieces that they need. So rather than one huge ERP that did everything, you’re now looking at multiple packages from the same vendor.

For example, you now have Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle Finance Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, etc. — which means you now have an integration challenge even if you just go with the Oracle Cloud Suite.

Or, a customer might wish to go with the multi-vendor, best-of-breed route, opting for Salesforce for their CRM, but NetSuite, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics for ERP components, with a third vendor for workforce management, and a fourth one for marketing.

That presents greater integration challenges than clients have typically had to accommodate, especially when all of these SaaS products have their own mandatory, frequent update cycles.

Regardless of what organizations need to integrate, Boomi streamlines the process of application modernization.

The Boomi iPaaS gives customers a low-risk, cost-effective means of connecting applications and data sources together, regardless of whether they are on-premise, in the cloud or at the edge.

Additional Capabilities Provide Flexibility

Boomi’s unified platform gives customers the flexibility to take their integrations to the next level — quickly and cost-effectively. Because of its single-instance, multi-tenant architecture, Boomi ensures industry-leading uptime and massive scalability. All software updates are guaranteed.

With the cloud subscription model, you don’t need big budgets to get started on transforming the speed and agility of your digital organization.

From master data governance to automated workflows to API management, Boomi lets you iterate quickly. Just click a button on your interface and suddenly you’re building an EDI integration. Or you could just as easily map an application-to-application integration or a data integration. In all cases, you use the same drag-and-drop mapping functionality.

And thanks to crowd-sourcing intelligence, like Boomi Suggest, customers can benefit from years of implementation experience. How smart is that?