Introducing Boomi Spaces: Unlocking the Power of Boomi With Simplified Portals

4 minute read | 08 Aug 2023

By Micky Somiari

The intent of the Boomi platform has always been to simplify IT complexity in the interest of increasing business agility, lowering TCO, and boosting speed — whether it’s time to market or time to value. In this blog, I’ll explain how Boomi Spaces, our newest addition to the platform, helps achieve all three of those outcomes.

Boomi Spaces was born from a previous Boomi solution called Connect Now, which was primarily an OEM offering supported by a 3rd party, intended for companies that wanted to brand their own basic integration capabilities for customers to use in a straight-forward way. Boomi Spaces takes that concept and improves it for our direct customers. Spaces has a roadmap and will take user feedback to improve functionality and add the features most important to customers.

The Perfect Blend of Flexibility and Control

At the core of Boomi Spaces are two distinct components: the Admin Space and the User Space. The Admin Space empowers developers to curate already built, production-ready integrations and deploy them to the User Space — a simplified, self-service portal — where non-technical users can interact with a stripped-down version of the platform without the involvement of IT. Users can schedule, run, and monitor processes, and even do light configuration before running and scheduling processes that have been developed for their specific use cases.

The integrations and processes provided to users in the User Space employ “hardened templates,” which means they’ve been tested and are production ready. Templates standardize the way the platform is used, and admins can specify how much control users have within a templatized integration. By allowing users to self-serve their integration and process needs, Boomi Spaces gives them a high degree of freedom, while allowing admins to efficiently manage the platform from a macro level, which includes security and data governance. The self-service portals also deliver tracking and reporting so users can see if a process executes successfully and, if it fails, they can notify IT for remediation.

Optimize and Scale Platform Management

Boomi Spaces makes it easy for organizations to use the platform more efficiently. By using the platform’s parent-child account hierarchy feature, User Spaces can be connected to various child accounts that support several functional areas such as sales, marketing, R&D, and finance. Spaces can reflect the enterprise architecture, while delivering platform capabilities like reusable shared assets and high availability.

This streamlined approach empowers business users to take control of their workflows, reducing dependency on technical teams and accelerating time-to-value for critical projects. Organizations can optimize and scale platform management — unlocking the full potential of Boomi and maximizing productivity across the board.

Boomi Spaces Addresses Business Pain Points for CIOs

If you’re a CIO, you have several mandates that guide your decision making and prioritize your day-to-day activities. Among many competing demands, one of the most important is driving digital transformation by improving system efficiencies, reducing costs, and increasing agility. Boomi Spaces is designed to address these aspects of digital transformation by helping organizations overcome what we call the modernization chokepoint — a combination of technical debt, legacy middleware, and burgeoning IT complexity.

With the ability to create tailored Spaces, offer a simplified user interface, and self-service capabilities, Boomi Spaces democratizes integration and process automation. It enables business users to become more self-reliant and productive, while IT teams focus on higher-value tasks and strategic initiatives.

To learn more, download the Boomi Spaces product brief.