Accelerating User Enablement: Role-Based Paths

2 minute read | 12 Jan 2023

By Boomi

“Boomi’s greatest asset is our users and we strive for superior customer experience in all that we do. This Role-Based Paths (RBP) initiative is a prime example of how Boomi cares about and is committed to our users and their success on the Boomi platform. I’m excited to see how the RBP will further enable users on the platform so that we can all grow together to an innovative future!”

– Chris Port, COO, Boomi

The Global User Development (GUD) Team at Boomi is excited to announce the Role-Based Paths (RBP) initiative to accelerate user enablement on the Boomi platform through four Boomi roles: Project Manager, Developer, Architect, and Maintenance and Support. Each RBP will provide users with a prescriptive path and related content to enhance user expertise and confidence, effectively elevating users from self-help to self-optimization.

The value of role-based paths to users is instantaneous, and the GUD Team is working diligently on this initiative.

Project Manager is the first role to be launched. The Project Manager RBP can be accessed from the New User Journey page in the community or directly via

If you have any of these questions, the PM RBP is the place to go:

  • What steps are required to start, deliver, and deploy a Boomi project?
  • Is any cross-team coordination required for a Boomi project?
  • Are any tools available to help manage a successful Boomi project?


Visit the New User Journey page on Boomi Community to check out Role-Based Paths!