Outperform Complexity With Boomi

3 minute read | 01 Sep 2023

By Boomi

Eliminate tech stack complexity, drive ROI by optimizing existing resources, and capitalize on market opportunities.

In a perfect world, every technology decision should make good business sense. It’s a nice thought, right? But the reality is, that’s rarely the case. And your organization suffers because of it. The chaos is holding you back. But what if you could tame that complexity — and even outperform it — so you could grow your business faster and smarter?

Why It Matters

According to McKinsey research, technical debt accounts for about 40% of IT balance sheets.

As companies continue to add applications at an astounding rate, the sprawl of technology tools and data silos has become even worse. Tech stacks have become money pits where it’s hard to understand what exactly you have, let alone how to demonstrate provable ROI. Systems are disconnected. Licenses often go unused. And don’t even think about being able to scale quickly or pivot to seize on new market opportunities.

How do you get a handle on this complexity? It means that you can easily:

  • Connect your digital ecosystem so that technology works together efficiently and you see total value from every investment
  • Automate those integrated systems to speed up critical business functions around hire-to-retire, quote-to-cash, and supply chain management
  • Provide complete visibility into the entire tech stack to identify wasteful duplication of systems and unused licenses
  • Scale your fit-for-purpose technology and adapt to changing market conditions quickly.

The Takeaway

Technical complexity gets in the way of productivity, innovation, and growth. It prevents progress by limiting your ability to say “yes” to the business.

But replacing that complexity with simplicity allows trusted data to flow smoothly in real-time between connected systems so that your employees always have what they need to do their jobs and the business makes better decisions.

Boomi helps turn IT from a cost center to a business driver. The Boomi platform’s proven ROI helps you show the C-suite and board that the money allocated for technology is well-spent and provides a great return on employee productivity. With Boomi connecting the dots across your technology infrastructure, you create shareholder value by providing cost-effective services while boosting productivity.

“By using Boomi as our integration layer for applications and EDI, we realized a 1,600% ROI in just 10 months!” – Tariq Jamal, Global Director of Technology and Business Process Management, Umbra

Don’t let complexity hold you back. Find out how Boomi can help.