Outrun Complexity With Boomi

3 minute read | 01 Sep 2023

By Boomi

Don’t just keep up with the speed of business — set the pace that leaves competitors right where you want them.

Complexity. It’s like a rat’s nest of cables holding you back. It’s old code. It’s point-to-point integrations. It’s undocumented hacks. It’s components written by that guy who didn’t document anything, then left the company twelve years ago.

Complexity would be bad enough if the pace of business wasn’t accelerating every day. But these days, everything and everyone is getting faster. Dev times are shrinking. Agile processes are getting more agile. Since the pandemic, nearly all companies are sprinting, including your competitors. Smart businesses are looking for tools that will give them a competitive advantage — helping them outrun complexity and stay ahead of the pack.

Why It Matters

Almost two thirds of CEOs and leadership teams think digital initiatives are taking too long. Equally dire, 52% of CEOs think these initiatives are taking too long to realize value, according to Gartner. IT teams think they’re running, but exec teams want them racing.

Research shows that successful digital transformation projects deliver almost 75% of their value in the first year. You can’t deliver those kinds of results with plodding, multi-year projects. Want buy-in? Want customer and employee endorsements? In IT transformation, the winners are built for speed.

To race to the front of the pack, you need three things:

  1. Connections between all the applications and data sources that matter.
  2. Automation that replaces manual processes, swapping out confusion and errors and plugging in efficiency.
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI) that turbocharges everything and makes building integrations and automations faster than ever before.

The Takeaway

IT teams need a way to complete their digital initiatives more quickly.

Every digital initiative depends on data, app integration, and automation. Boomi provides the accelerant for building integrations and automations faster than ever before. So, kick off your work boots and strap on a rocket. Try Boomi.

We invented cloud-based, low-code, rapid-fire integration. We’re the market leaders at helping companies shrink integration times 65%. We put data where it needs to be. We bridge apps, data, and people like no one else. And now we’re adding AI to just about everything we do.

Competitors? Complexity? Boomi helps you leave them all in the dust.

“Before Boomi, we were hesitant to take on new projects that involved integrations because they could take months. But now, we are able to say ‘yes’ to most integration projects because they only take days or weeks to implement with Boomi.” — Eduardo Monteiro, Associate Director of Enterprise Systems, Florida International University

Don’t let complexity hold you back. Find out how Boomi can help.