Everything You Want to Know About the October 2023 Boomi Integration and Automation Platform Release

6 minute read | 20 Oct 2023

This article recaps the Boomi Integration and Automation Platform October 2023 release and highlights recently delivered product features. For a full list of what’s included in the release, see the detailed release notes.

Let’s take a look at the highlights in this release.

API Management

Boomi is proud to announce the API Policy Manager: Bringing Customization and Security to Your Fingertips

Born out of the challenges you face, this feature aims to transform how you configure custom policies for your APIs. Let’s dive into what’s so remarkable about it:We have heard you loud and clear. Before this launch, configuring custom policies in APIM was a struggle that led to wasted time and added complexity. But now, those days are behind us.

We set out with a vision to streamline the configuration process so you can focus on what really matters—creating robust, secure APIs that serve your unique needs. To make this vision a reality, we’ve developed a dedicated API Policy screen within the APIM platform to empower you to customize and secure your APIs easily.Here’s where the magic happens. The API Policy Manager provides a user-friendly screen that guides you through configuring custom policies. Have multiple policies? No problem. With the API Policy Manager, you can create, edit, and manage multiple custom policies, all from one location.

The API Policy Manager is more than just a new feature; it’s a revolution in managing and securing your APIs. We invite you to experience its power and flexibility, created with your specific needs in mind.


It’s been a fantastic month for Flow releases! We’re excited to introduce some remarkable enhancements:

  • Flow Insights: Dive deep into user interactions with Flow. Right-click on a shape in the canvas and discover two new options:
    • View Insights: Gain insights into user choices and compare trends over time.
    • View Traffic Ratio: Compare user traffic across different flow routes.
  • Embed in HTML: Effortlessly integrate flows into HTML documents by introducing new parameters: tenantId, flowId, flowVersionId, and stateId.
  • Flow Translation Enhancement: Flow now seamlessly handles multi-import and multi-export tasks in the XLIFF format.
  • Enhanced Themes: You can now easily import and export Themes to simplify branding consistency across tenants.

Explore these features to supercharge your applications and take advantage of Flow’s exciting developments this month!

Event Streams

Continuing our commitment to improving your Event Streams experience, we’re introducing Multi-region Support in the upcoming October release. This update enables you to utilize Event Streams within your local region, ensuring enhanced data sovereignty compliance and improved performance with reduced latency.

Our Multi-region Support initiative starts with a launch in ANZ (Sydney), and we have plans for global expansion in the pipeline. We understand the significance of data sovereignty, and this feature is designed with that priority in mind. Please contact your dedicated Boomi contacts to activate this capability in your region. Your satisfaction remains our utmost priority, and we’re here to assist you in making the most of Event Streams within your local context.

Furthermore, we’re introducing the Event Streams Admin API with GraphQL Support in the October release. We recognize the pivotal role of DevOps and CI/CD pipelines in your daily operations. This feature is crafted to simplify your administrative tasks. With this API, you’ll gain comprehensive control through GraphQL, allowing you to manage topics and subscriptions efficiently, access detailed message statistics, and more. Integrating Event Streams seamlessly into your workflow has never been easier.


The October release includes updates to Amazon S3, Box, Kafka, Google BigQuery, Google G Suite, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and Shopify connectors. In Amazon S3, Box and G Suite, and Blob Storage connectors, we have included the runtime libraries packaged within the connectors. We added a Message timestamp in the Consume and Listen operations in Kafka. In BigQuery, we have added support for browsing and using Project IDs that the user can access, not just the default project configured in the connection. In Shopify, we have removed some deprecated response fields in the Fulfillment Order API for Query.

In the Connectivity Services, we have updated the SDK to 2.15.5. The REST and Open API connectors are enhanced to allow users to select the tracking directions.


In this release, we retired the Swagger V2 Platform and Partner API endpoints. These were replaced by already existing OpenAPI 3.0 endpoints. You can read more about OpenAPI 3.0 here. Please refer to this community article to learn about this retirement and how it might affect you.

Roadmap webinars

Want to know what Boomi is shipping next? You have to sign up for the product roadmap webinars!

This is your chance to get answers from Ed Macosky, Chief Product & Technology Officer, and the product management team as they talk about recent enhancements and the future of the product.

Register here, please: https://boomi.com/event/online/product-roadmap-webinar-series/

Previous roadmap: Article: Everything You Want to Know About the Boomi Product Roadmap – Q3, 2023 – Boomi Community

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