Everything You Want to Know About the April 2024 Boomi Integration and Automation Platform Release

12 minute read | 02 Apr 2024

This article recaps the Boomi Platform April 2024 release and highlights recently delivered product features. For a full list of what’s included in the release, see the detailed release notes.

Let’s take a look at the highlights in this release.


In this release, we’ve addressed various defects in our core integration product including the user experience. In addition, we introduced several key enhancements to two of our platform API objects. The event object, and component creation APIs both saw updates in this release. The event object has been enhanced with additional fields that will provide deeper insights into the top-level process id and process name when leveraging the user notification event type. The component creation APIs were refined to deliver increased performance when performing update operations.

As a follow-up to our previous release, where we introduced a refreshed integration build experience, we are delighted to announce that in May, the new build experience will be introduced to all users and will become opt-out.

This update represents a refresh to the existing user interface to address long-standing usability issues while also improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform for builders. To learn more about what’s changed and when the new experience will go into effect, visit our community article.


This exciting release of B2B/EDI is packed with new features aimed at providing additional flexibility for customers that leverage MLLP. The AS2 connector received some new enhancements as well to provide greater flexibility in handling synchronous MDN responses. In addition to these new features, we addressed various defects.

New MLLP features

  • The MLLP server has been updated to support running on multi-tenant private cloud runtimes. Users who leverage this feature will benefit from increased scalability from running on a private cloud, by easily extending MLLP to child accounts through specific port assignments. Cloud owners can enable multi-tenancy via the MLLP Shared Server settings page in atom management.
  • The MLLP Server and Client connectors have been updated to support the X12 document standard. This update provides healthcare EDI users additional flexibility to utilize MLLP beyond just the HL7 document standard.
  • The MLLP Client connector has also been updated with the ability to forward documents or acknowledgements to the next step in the process. Users who leverage this feature will benefit from an increased amount of flexibility, by implementing custom handling of acknowledgements that better meet their needs.


We’ve addressed various defects and introduced enhancements across multiple connectors in this release. We are also excited to add 3 new connectors to our list!

New connectors

  • New MQTT connector is generally available now! Built using the Boomi Connector SDK, this new connector brings functional parity with the legacy MQTT connector and includes critical customer requested enhancements. As part of the rollout of the new MQTT connector, the existing connector will be deprecated and available only to customers who have previously used it. The deprecated connector will be completely retired on October 12, 2024. Impacted customers were already notified via emails. We strongly recommend all users to migrate to this new connector to leverage its enhanced functionality.
  • Brand new connector from Eyer to support integration between Boomi and Eyer (AI-powered observability platform)
  • Brand new connector from Mind-Mercatis to support the integration between Boomi and multiple AWS services

Connector updates

  • The JMS v2 connector is updated to support integrations to Websphere MQ
  • Amazon SQS connector now supports extensible queues for Listen operations
  • The Oracle EBS v2 connector is updated to support Oracle EBS patch version 12.2.11
  • The GoogleBigQuery connector has fixes for defects related to profile imports and location id defaults
  • The Snowflake connector supports the key pair authentication mechanism using OpenSSL and python cryptography “RSA” function
  • We have added the API versions 2023.11 and 2023.08 to the Google AdManager connector and removed sunset API versions.
  • We have removed API versions 2016.1 and 2016.2 API versions from the NetSuite connector as they have been sunset by NetSuite

SDK updates

  • JSON profiles created through connector operation imports will no longer apply a default format to number fields. Existing profiles and processes will remain unchanged.

Master Data Hub

This exciting release of Master Data Hub empowers you to manage data effectively, ensure privacy compliance, and experience significant performance improvements. Let’s dive into the key features:

Protect Sensitive Data with Granular Masking

  • Control the visibility of sensitive data fields with masking rules (All, Partial Mask, Partial Show, None) across user interfaces and APIs
  • Leverage existing Boomi user roles, privileges, and entitlements to ensure only authorized users can access sensitive information

Enhanced Repository Security and Control

  • Empower administrators to manage data onboarding: The new “Cancel Pending Batches” API endpoint allows proactive management of inbound entity batches encountering delays.
  • Strengthen repository security: Leverage Shared Web Server user properties for IP filtering and CORS configuration for Hub Cloud repositories in Atom Management

Accelerated Query for Faster Search Performance (Tech Preview):

  • As part of Technology Preview, experience faster search results for universes with a large number of golden records (over 100,000) in select Hub Clouds

Synchronize your mission-critical data with confidence! These new features in Master Data Hub empower secure, compliant, and high-performance data management. Share your early feedback and ideas to help us keep innovating.


Boomi Flow has undergone some exciting changes to enhance usability. Here’s a quick overview of what’s coming your way:

  • New QR Code Scanner: In addition to our last release of a new QR code generator, we also released a scanner that allows you to scan QR codes with your device’s camera and save the resulting data within a flow. Learn more here.
  • Debugger Panel: Enhance your debugging experience with our new panel displaying call stacks, state values, assertions, and root faults. Interact seamlessly with the Flow in the runtime tab to view call stack items in the debugger panel in your designtime tab.

Retirement of Legacy connectors update:

We are retiring our legacy S3, PDF and Azure connectors in Flow due to identified vulnerabilities, prioritizing your data’s security. Starting on October 1, 2024 support for these legacy connectors will be discontinued and the functionality will no longer be available.

  • Read more here on how best to proceed if using any of the following: legacy Azure, legacy PDF and legacy Amazon S3 connector.

We’re grateful for your decision to use Flow. Your feedback and consistent support continue to inspire us to develop inventive features tailored to your business needs. Discover the possibilities with these new enhancements and optimize your experience today!

Task Automation

Boomi is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our latest product, Task Automation, now available as beta! Say goodbye to manual processes with this innovative, no-code tool designed to streamline your daily tasks effortlessly. Discover Task Automation today through the Services menu or directly on our platform’s homepage. Plus, take advantage of our complimentary evaluation period to experience Task Automation at no cost.

API Management

We are excited to announce the following enhancement to our API Management offering:

  • JWT authentication in Developer Portal “Try it out”: The Developer Portal now has limited support for JWT authentication in the “Try it out” feature. By default, it uses a PKCE-based Authorization Code flow with ‘openid’ scope for JWT auth; this does not currently support opaque access tokens created by some identity providers such as Google and Azure. The redirect URI for configuring your IDP is now provided as a notification banner when you configure authentication.

Looking ahead, our May 2024 release will include a major upgrade for our API Gateway. This update will provide a better, faster, and more secure foundation for many new enhancements, including additional security and traffic management policies, mTLS, better CORS configuration, and a new container form factor.

To prepare for this upgrade, please carefully review the April release notes for guidance on the upgrade process and one change in behavior.

Event Streams

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Event Streams Message Management. You can now seamlessly navigate through each subscription to access its backlog and dead letter backlog. With improved accessibility,you can effortlessly retrieve individual message payloads and metadata, downloading them for your convenience. Plus, take charge of your data flow by easily deleting specific messages from both backlog and dead letter backlog, simplifying your message management process.

Platform Apps


We are excited to announce the platform release of Boomi Discover – a catalog that includes hundreds of pre-built solutions such as recipes and accelerators that can be installed into Boomi platform accounts.

Discover is available within the platform with a link in the primary navigation for you to easily browse and install them. It helps you jumpstart your Boomi experience by enabling you to start with a pre-built template rather than starting from scratch.


  • Discover helps users jumpstart their Boomi experience by enabling them to leverage pre-built solutions across key job functions, use cases, and over 100 key SasS applications.
  • The easy-to-use interface enables users to quickly install, edit, and share pre-built recipes and accelerators.

We invite you to explore the full capabilities of Discover and how it can elevate your solution-building and sharing capabilities on the Boomi platform with anyone, anywhere.

For Discover documentation, see Getting Started with Boomi Discover.

Boomi AI

  • Boomi GPT now supports dark mode when you select Dark Theme in the platform Preferences screen.
  • Documentation as a Service (DaaS) within GPT enables you to document GPT generated integrations and existing integrations in early access (EA). Using GPT prompts, Boomi GPT automatically generates a summary, detailed description of the steps within the generated process, and a complete documentation of the process including an overview, metadata (e.g. version number), modified date, and business process description.
  • Editable integrations enable you to modify your processes within GPT before final creation using prompts to add, remove, or change steps.
  • Copy to Clipboard allows you to copy all responses, including documentation, for seamless sharing.
  • The PII Insights (Tech Preview) feature on the Platform home page lets you visualize the movement of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) across countries between integration connections. PII Data Insights is available with the Boomi AI add-on to your account. Contact your account representative to get started.

Roadmap webinars

Do you want to know what Boomi is shipping next? Sign up for the product roadmap webinars!

This is your chance to get answers from Ed Macosky, Chief Product & Technology Officer, and the product management team as they talk about recent enhancements and the future of the product.

Register here, please: https://boomi.com/event/online/product-roadmap-webinar-series/

Previous roadmap: Article: Everything You Want to Know About the Boomi Product Roadmap – Q1, 2024 – Boomi Community

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