Harnessing the Potential of Data in Retail, Healthcare and Financial Services

By Boomi

In 2008 Boomi pioneered the integration cloud market. For more than a decade, the Boomi Integration Cloud has been helping organizations around the globe and across industries respond to the increasingly complex integration demands of hybrid IT infrastructures.

We now work with thousands of companies from around the globe and across industries to help them drive their digital transformation initiatives and become connected businesses. Our success is based on an unwavering focus on our customers — listening to what they need and building an integration cloud that helps them meet their most important business goals.

And Boomi is proving this every day in key Salesforce markets, including Retail, Healthcare and Financial Services.

Boomi for Salesforce Retail Integration

Through integration, retailers can make the most of Salesforce, creating a comprehensive system of record for customer data and bringing a 360-degree view of the customer to employees.

With comprehensive insight into each customer, retailers can market and sell more effectively across all channels, discover trends and opportunities, and deliver the best possible experience at every customer touch point.

Agile, cloud-native integration with Boomi helps retailers quickly and cost-effectively connect Salesforce to applications on-premise or in the cloud. Features such as ready-to-use connectors and a drag-and-drop interface make it possible for business analysts and other non-technical users to build Salesforce integrations so they can get the data they need.

For retail and ecommerce companies, the benefits of Boomi-driven Salesforce integration include:

  • Quote-to-cash made easy: Retailers can quickly connect Salesforce quotes to financials so that orders are reflected accurately in both systems and payment data is processed promptly.
  • Fine-tune marketing automation: Retailers using third-party marketing automation applications can prime those systems with the latest customer data from Salesforce, ensuring that workflows and product offers are tailored to individual customers and their progress in a sales cycle.
  • Deliver in-store updates: Integrating Salesforce with marketing automation systems and in-store Wi-Fi systems helps retailers deliver real-time promotions based on customers’ purchase histories, preferences and geo-location.
  • Keep sales and customer service in sync: Ensure that customer service agents have the latest customer purchase records so that when customers call or chat, agents have the data they need at their fingertips.
  • Turn Salesforce into the master record for customer data: Apply master data management policies, consolidating and standardizing customer records in Salesforce and synchronizing customer data across other applications and services.

“Boomi is our preferred choice to integrate any new or existing applications… I haven’t seen a use case yet that Boomi hasn’t been able to solve.”

— Grant Gouldon, IT Director, Kelly-Moore

Boomi for Salesforce Healthcare Integration

Transform healthcare by bringing data together in Salesforce Health Cloud to improve patient engagement and data management.

Through a modern, cloud-based integration platform, organizations across the healthcare ecosystem can connect Salesforce Health Cloud to electronic health records (EHRs), billing systems, clinical systems and payer systems to create a unified view of patient interactions.

With comprehensive insight into each patient, providers can deliver more timely and effective care, payers can process claims more efficiently, and life sciences companies can ensure that clinical trials are focused on the right patients, whose histories and conditions are fully understood.

Boomi’s modern, low-code integration platform makes it quick and easy for healthcare organizations to integrate Salesforce with applications for enrollment, billing, electronic health records and EDI partner networks.

For healthcare organizations, Boomi provides a host of benefits for Salesforce integration:

  • Create a single view of patients with up-to-date comprehensive histories: Through integration with EHRs and other clinical systems, Salesforce Health Cloud can serve as a master record of all patient data, ensuring that providers have a comprehensive and accurate view of each patient being treated.
  • Provide insurance payers a comprehensive view of patients and their claims data: Integrate Salesforce Health Cloud with payer and payer partner data for claims, post-service engagement surveys, medication data and clinical data to provide payers superior visibility.
  • Improve patient engagement: By integrating Salesforce Health Cloud with mobile apps, web apps, and Internet of Thing (IoT) devices, providers can improve patient engagement while collecting and sharing healthcare status, recommendations and results in real time.
  • Gain a complete view of patients in clinical trials: By rapidly integrating Salesforce Health Cloud with key data, life sciences companies and other research organizations can better collect and manage data from tracking applications, including information related to quality control, pharmacovigilance and IoT devices.

“Boomi has delivered huge efficiencies in how we share data among our systems. It has quickly and easily scaled our network capacity from a trickle of data to millions of transactions. Boomi’s ability to easily bridge between the latest and greatest web services and more traditional enterprise applications is critical for managing a hybrid IT environment like ours.”

— Robert Van Tuyl, Chief Innovation Officer, Easterseals Bay Area

Boomi for Salesforce Financial Services Integration

Salesforce integration makes it possible for financial services organizations to support omnichannel strategies and achieve the comprehensive, up-to-date view of customers required for success in this increasingly competitive market.

Integration with Boomi connects Salesforce to core platforms, payment systems, branch applications, customer service systems, web portals and published APIs, helping create the critical 360-degree view of the customer required today in banking, financial services and insurance.

Using Boomi’s low-code integration tools, financial services companies can quickly connect applications and build workflows while fully protecting sensitive data and applications.

For financial services organizations, Boomi provides a host of benefits for Salesforce integration:

Give bankers, agents and certified financial planners comprehensive customer insights: By integrating all customer applications and centralizing customer records in Salesforce, organizations can ensure that any employee, agent or automated application has full access to all customer interaction records.

Publish APIs securely for business partners and financial aggregators: With API management, organizations can merge outside information and analysis with the core sales and customer information consolidated in Salesforce. Such a centralized, dashboard view offers broader insights and faster decisions, reducing the need to search for relevant information.

Improve retail operations: Leverage your investments in mission-critical systems of record with connectivity to new cloud, fintech, mobile and social applications. Using Salesforce as the hub, you can integrate new and old systems in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional integration.

“With Boomi, we have the ability to move much faster than our competitors. We can take the latest tech that comes along, plug it in and roll it out to our members in a matter of weeks or months rather than years. I don’t think we’ll ever unstitch Boomi from the organization. It’s embedded in everything we do.”

— David Chapman, Chief Information Officer, Teachers Mutual Bank

The Integration Cloud for Today and Tomorrow

When it comes to integration, it’s all about harnessing your data to improve operational efficiencies, automate workflows and drive digital transformation so your organization can survive and thrive in this digital era.

Businesses today face a rapidly growing array of integration choices. But the path forward is clear. Cloud-based integration offers dramatic improvements over legacy on-premise options. The speed, flexibility, ease of use and cost savings provided by a true integration cloud are substantial and strategic.

Many legacy vendors are offering cloud-washed options — claiming full cloud capabilities but, in reality, still use on-premises software that cannot deliver the full benefits of a true cloud platform. Other vendors might offer a cloud-native integration tool but lack the experience, engineering expertise, financial backing and long-term vision to keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of digital business.

From our work with our customers and partners, it is clear that the integration cloud — complete with the five key characteristics of cloud-nativedistributed, low-code, unified and open — is the future of integration.

Boomi is consistently ranked at the top of key industry market assessments. And we are adding more than seven customers a day while recording one of the industry’s lowest churn rates. Clearly, the market is telling us we are on the right path.

Want to learn more about how Boomi helps thousands of organization harness their data to make the most of their investment in Salesforce? Read the Boomi ebook, “The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Integration.”