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Achieving business outcomes
from device data

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Connecting Every Point

To accelerate business improvements and transform operations, enterprises must seamlessly connect device and application data. The Boomi platform is the most flexible execution engine in the industry, allowing enterprises to integrate and orchestrate services and manage workflows, anywhere – on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge.


Core to Edge to Cloud
Connectivity with Boomi

Take advantage of the benefits gleaned from IoT and edge technology with Boomi’s unified platform that makes it quick and easy to integrate device data into core business systems.


Best of Breed Connectivity

Rapidly link cloud and on-premises applications with device data through Boomi’s best-of-breed connectors for a diverse range of IoT protocols, helping unify your IoT network with your hybrid IT environment.


Run Anywhere

Boomi seamlessly supports connecting IoT data with your enterprise applications and systems. The Boomi Atom — our run-time distribution technology — easily connects and manages device data residing on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge.


Engage Everywhere

Many IoT use cases require the seamless orchestration of device and application data. Boomi makes it easy to automate business processes, deliver the right data to the right people, and generate actionable intelligence across the business.

Edge to Core Connectivity for Improved Senior Healthcare

Digital Angel deployed Boomi to integrate smart mattress data with IoT and operational systems for improving care at senior living centers.

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