Boomi for Enterprise

Connect and transform your global enterprise
to thrive amid digital disruption

Large enterprises are striving to match smaller, more nimble rivals in business speed and agility, yet legacy systems and processes can effectively lock the business in place and stonewall change. Moving from ad hoc, spaghetti integrations to a digital backbone that orchestrates applications, data and processes delivers the dynamic new business capabilities that an enterprise needs to thrive.

Run at the Speed of Business

Dell Boomi equips enterprises to run at the speed of business while making it much easier to rearchitect
to changing marketplace requirements. Our unified platform connects every aspect of operations
to help you digitally transform into a faster, more agile business.

Greater business agility
When applications are connected and data flows freely, your business can better spot and capitalize on opportunities. Rapidly innovate new engagement models that differentiate your business with customers and partners.
Rapid time to value
The fast-paced digital world punishes high cost and delay. Fast, flexible and future-proof integration based in the cloud is crucial to swiftly unleashing value from your cloud IT investments and maximizing business impact.
Customer centricity
Put the customer at the center of the business by coordinating across diverse back- and front-office applications and utilize multi-source data to deliver a personalized experience.
Data-driven decisions
Drive digital transformation by harnessing rich, real-time data. Evolve from business guesswork to data-driven decision making and capitalize on IoT information to increase operational efficiency.

In the digital economy, innovative businesses increasingly win with an agile enterprise architecture.

Learn how you can eliminate rote operations with a disjointed IT infrastructure, fragmented workflows, ad hoc security measures, and poor visibility into customer needs.

CIOs to stay relevant need to play a role in digital transformation.

Success at transformation, today, depends on the CIO’s ability to drive their enterprise’s capability to integrate, create a multiproduct, multichannel experience, or a single view of customer or services that couple products with data. Learn here about 5 steps that CIOs can take to fix the ‘Tech Debt’ and transform their organizations.

In every industry, organizations are modernizing applications and reimagining operations to take
advantage of new data-driven technologies – everything from advanced analytics and artificial
intelligence (AI) to the Internet of Things (IoT) and bot-driven conversations.

Learn how Boomi’s pioneering integration and workflow automation platform supports these exacting requirements.

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