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Autonomous data management.

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How it works

Find, understand, and use your data better with an automated, low-code, cloud-native platform to drive faster and more confident decision-making.

Trusted data, better outcomes

Leverage the power of AI

Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) quickly makes data discoverable and jumpstarts your cataloging efforts by putting information in context and making it accessible for analysis.

Trusted data, better outcomes

Search for data using natural language processing

Empower business users

Quickly find and identify the right data your business users need to support any initiative using human language.

Search for data using natural language processing

Prepare data faster to accelerate business intelligence outcomes

Embedded data preparation

Robust, wizard-driven transformation capabilities easily filter, enrich, aggregate, standardize, and merge data to support your business needs.

Prepare data faster to accelerate business intelligence outcomes


  • Discover data you need

    Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) search functionality to quickly find the data to help you solve any business problem.

  • Data governance

    Reduce risk by ensuring compliance with comprehensive governance policies and secure management of sensitive data.

  • Better data visibility

    Automatically catalog data residing in Boomi’s Master Data Hub solution to provide greater data transparency for business users.

  • Establish data relationships

    Knowledge graphs give richer meaning to data by surfacing and representing collections of interlinked facts.

  • Build data literacy

    Glossary promotes more meaningful use of data inside organizations by establishing common definitions in a centralized location.

  • Promote collaboration

    An embedded chat feature enables colleagues to work more closely together to manage datasets and resolve problems.

  • Improved data suggestions

    Experience data transformation, get joint recommendations, and expedite data cleanup with the DCP's build-in AI.

  • Flexible deployment

    Easily implement on-premises or in a cloud environment to unlock the full value of your data – wherever it's located.


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Sweet 16 for Data Catalog

TechTarget recently published its top 16 vendors for Data Catalog. We’re pleased to share that Boomi made the list and is one of TechTarget’s recommended technologies in this market category.

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Boomi Data Catalog Product Brief

Uplevel organizational data readiness with an AI-powered catalog that turns data into a strategic asset.

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The Business Value of a Data Catalog eBook

As the difficulties of data management have steadily intensified, the need for data catalogs has never been greater.

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