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Quickly Discover, Interpret, Prepare, and Govern your data, ensuring it is ready to drive trusted business decisions.

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Better Data, Better Outcomes

Boomi’s Data Catalog and Preparation service improves the productivity of your data citizens, accelerates analytical and business intelligence outcomes, and propels confident data-driven decision making while empowering everyone to find, understand, and effectively use business ready data.

Use Human Language

Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) search capabilities to quickly find the data you need to solve any business problem.

Operationalize Data Governance
and Derisk your business

Derisk your business by ensuring your data is trustworthy and compliant with comprehensive data governance that standardizes definitions, centralizes policies, establishes data ownership, and identifies/ masks sensitive data.

Generate Insights with
Machine Learning & AI

Utilize the power of Machine Learning & AI to automatically classify data, recommend analytical values, identify sensitive data, and more.

Leverage the best data

Perform robust cleansing and transformations to prepare your data for consumption into leading BI and analytical tools.

Promote collaboration &
Democratizing Data

Enable data users to easily share, reuse, rate, and collaborate on data sets ensuring the right data is being used to resolve any business problem.

Top Data Catalog Software Tools
to Consider Using in 2022

Boomi makes the top 16 data catalog software tools to consider in 2022, by TechTarget

Comprehensive integrated data to propel data driven decisions


Start experiencing the next wave of data readiness to support data-driven decision making using reliable, trusted, and governed data. Boomi’s data catalog and preparation capabilities will accelerate your journey to better business decisions. Watch the video to learn more.

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