The Boomi Integration Maturity Assessment

How mature is your integration ecosystem?

Integration centers of excellence (ICoEs) are critical for today's digital enterprises. The organizations that have an established ICoE win in today's hybrid and multicloud world.

But the previous generation of ICoEs fell short of their intended benefits because they were too centralized, too slow to respond to the needs of the business, and too difficult for employees to access, understand, and use.

Not your legacy ICoE

To develop a community of integration excellence and enablement across your organization requires a new approach. Today's best­-in-­class ICoEs provide the advantages of cloud­ native, low­ code development with a distributed governance model.

They empower a community of employees across an organization to build integrations much faster, at better quality, all with far less involvement by IT.

Take the Boomi integration maturity quiz

The following set of six questions examines the business, operational, and technical factors for implementing a modern ICoE.

After taking this quiz, your will receive an overall maturity rating for your current integration ecosystem and its fitness for supporting a modern ICoE.

How do you manage your integrations?

How are integration models created?

How mature is your integration methodology?

How mature are your business processes?

How mature is your enterprise architecture?

How mature is IT financial management?