Boomi Enterprise Platform Architecture

Boomi provides the flexibility, scalability, and security you need to integrate and automate your organization in one place.

How it works

The Boomi Enterprise Platform services work together along the entire integration and automation journey, from discovering data to connecting applications and businesses, publishing APIs, and developing low-code apps to delight your users.

platform architecture graphic

Runtime architecture

Run your integrations, APIs, and workflows where you want: in the cloud of your choice, locally behind your firewall, or in Boomi’s managed runtimes and still manage everything from a single console. Runtimes securely connect directly to your applications and orchestrate data locally, and never send data back to the Boomi Enterprise Platform for processing.

Want to dig deeper? Check out the Boomi Blueprint catalog in the Boomiverse community.

One platform

Multiple deployment options

Build and manage integrations centrally, then deploy to one or more runtime options to securely connect to the systems you need.

Public cloud hosted

Highly available runtime cluster

For more control over configuration, deploy a scalable runtime cluster within the cloud provider of your choice (e.g. AWS, Azure), tuned to your needs.

You host locally

Highly available runtime cluster

To access local applications and data, deploy a runtime cluster within your local network.


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