The Digital Transformation Imperative – Why Councils need to embrace change

Wednesday 17 June, 2020


Live Webinar

Unexpected change is not only likely but it is now inevitable. Councils, like all organisations around the world, need to rapidly pivot the services they provide. Addressing the changing needs of customers and employees is now more important than ever to councils, among other things they need to be able to:

  • Transition essential workers to remote working by accelerating workforce transformation initiatives
  • Deliver core services to customers through a modern digital experience, and eliminate manual processes

According to a survey by IDG “51% of IT leaders have stalled or abandoned digital transformation initiatives” and “64% of IT leaders rank legacy systems #1 among the barriers”. Changing a business whilst trying to run it at the same time can be extremely difficult.

Join Jason Dixon, Director, NSW SLED at Dell Boomi in this interactive session to learn how Boomi can provide you with the necessary tools in your kit bag to accelerate your digital transformation initiatives whilst reducing disruption to your business.

This webinar is part of our local council series.

Webinar Details
Duration: Approximately 45 mins with Q&A
Date: Wednesday 17 June, 2020
Time: 11am AEST | 1pm NZST

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