Welcome to Out of this Office, an executive summary, from Boomi.

Now that you’re back from your well-earned break, it’s time to start planning your digital transformation for the year, and perhaps spend some of those Out of Office hours doing a little research around it – whether you’re on the treadmill, walking the dog or finding that work-life balance away from your desk.

This audio book has been designed for down-time.

A curated selection of the most important ideas, business lessons and predictions on today’s industry challenges shared by your peers during our virtual event for the Asia-Pacific Japan (APJ) region, Out of this World.

Through three information-rich chapters, you’ll learn the strategies and tools they employed to find resilience and success:

Chapter 1: How Native Union drove phenomenal growth by creating a fully integrated digital strategy

Chapter 2: How energy giants in Australia, Japan and Hong Kong are using integrated experiences to gain competitive advantage

Chapter 3: How the Australian Red Cross connected people and communities to thrive in the face of uncertainty

Forget the theory – these are real stories from the frontlines of 2020, offering plenty of actionable insights and real-world business use cases, giving you fresh perspectives on how to reach your tech goals and gain a competitive advantage.

Put data at the centre of all your decision-making. When you’re dealing with multi-million dollar choices on 30 year timelines, it’s the only way to offer certainty.

 Andrew Burnet,
 Head of Development & Operations,
 Origin Energy


Out of this World APJ 2020: A journey through integrated experiences.


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Wondering where the case studies for this audiobook came from? In late 2020, we hosted a one-day virtual event for the APJ region, ‘Out of this World’ which focused on the ‘journey to integrated experiences’.

The event brought together key business leaders to tell their stories of IT Transformation, through three major themes: Driving Phenomenal Growth, Creating Competitive Advantage and Thriving in the Face of Uncertainty.

If you didn’t have time to catch the event as it rolled out live, this audio book is your answer.

Our editors have been through the entire day’s material and curated the highlights, from what was an incredibly valuable deep-dive on the topic of technology-driven transformation. Here you’ll find invaluable insights for CIOs looking for strategies to navigate an uncertain and increasingly complex world.

It’s the perfect format to spark inspiration, without the screen time.

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