Rivus Fleet Solutions

UK fleet management company streamlines its internal data communications with Boomi, reducing functional costs and improving customer experiences

Business Goals

As one of the UK’s largest fleet management providers, Rivus Fleet Solutions needs to keep customers moving while minimizing vehicle off-road time.

Today, vehicles know more about the support they need than the driver does. Rivus wanted to integrate the development of “smart” vehicle intelligence to provide more proactive service, while remaining agile and cost-effective.

Rivus also wanted to gain greater control over its data assets, and reduce any potential complexities that might arise from the volume of its current data and services.

Integration Challenges

The amount of data being received from vehicles as well as weather agencies, smart road cameras, and highway management systems was overwhelming.

Rivus struggled to gain the actionable intelligence its customers need out of its data sets. Its legacy infrastructure was not able to handle the volume and breadth of integration requirements, and data remained in silos. The number of disparate technology layers in place made it difficult to transition systems or services, and also resulted in unnecessary complexities and increased costs.

How Boomi Helped

Rivus is using Boomi Integration and Boomi Flow to streamline fleet management. Boomi is also helping to build and streamline a new data platform leveraging APIs for Rivus to use for optimal data control and migration workflows.

Boomi allows Rivus customers to seamlessly report issues, perform safety checks on their vehicles, and quickly access support and recovery services. This reduces the amount of time that they spend making appointments, getting updates, or gaining visibility into the repair process.


With Boomi, Rivus Fleet Solutions has become more agile, making integration and data management simpler and more cost-effective, which has opened up the door to additional technology innovation.

Key results to date include:

  • 60% reduction in development windows
  • 75% reduction in overall time and net costs involved in projects
  • A highly centralized service that aggregates all data and applications into a digital portal for improved customer experience