Integration Center of Excellence

Streamline your integration competency and increase business agility.

Benefits of an Integration Competency Center

An ICoE is a cross-departmental team of experts dedicated to ensuring that integration development is fast, efficient, and effective.

The big picture

Build a community of experts that help drive your business ambitions.

Faster, better, cheaper

An ICoE saves money, time, and improves code quality.

Business agility

Build reliable connections for your business’ digital transformation.

Accelerate your business

Boomi’s feature-rich platform and standardized integration framework enable you to empower your teams to innovate quickly.

Improve data governance

Connect data sources quickly to establish a single source of truth and improve data governance leads to decision intelligence and better execution.

Save money, improve efficiency

Ad hoc integration might seem like a quick solution, but is slow and expensive to maintain. Building reusable frameworks and components reduces the scope to what is truly strategic.


Empower integration excellence with seamless, efficient, and agile connections for innovation

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Once you start on the integration journey, it isn’t very long before you have hundreds of integrations. It is difficult to redo that volume of work, so you need a good set of ground rules and a well-designed foundation up front – and that’s just what Boomi’s ICoE service provides.
Murali Anakavur
IT Director, Gilead Sciences
We’ve witnessed firsthand the benefits that ICoEs can deliver for organizations — benefits such as reduced labor costs, faster time-to-market, and greater interdepartmental collaboration.
Ken Schmitt
Principal, TechStone Technology Partners, LLC


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