Cloud Migration Connectivity

Move your organization to composable, cloud-first architecture.

Cloud Migration Benefits

Turn on the speed and cost benefits of cloud migration by rapidly connecting new SaaS applications with existing on-premises applications.

Foundation for speed

Accelerate new programs and products with a connected business. Cloud-first iPaaS provides ease-of-use, flexibility, and self-service tooling.


Modernize complex legacy systems to suit new styles of work. Cloud migration drives productivity and collaboration with integration, automation, and AI.

Lower TCO

Eliminate high licensing costs for legacy middleware. With iPaaS in the cloud, your team is always using the most current version, with no interruptions for updates.

Why Use iPaaS in the Cloud?

There are many reasons that companies are choosing cloud-native iPaaS to manage their API and automation needs.

Unlock innovation

Leverage the benefits of a cloud-native platform with pre-made integrations and automation recipes through Boomi Discover. With Boomi AI, Boomi GPT, and the Boomi Community, your team has the power to eliminate technical obstacles and focus on innovation.

Simplify IT

Let autonomous, self-managed integration handle the maintenance burden so IT can focus on strategic, high-value initiatives.

Eliminate legacy costs

Say goodbye to legacy annual licensing costs and hardware burdens, and migrate to the cloud with a predictable, lower TCO, cloud-native integration platform.


Fuel cloud migration success with seamless connectivity, efficiency, and accelerated transition

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Case studies

Boomi is our preferred choice to integrate any new or existing applications.
Grant Gouldon
IT Director, Kelly-Moore Paints
Kelly-Moore Paints
The main benefit of Boomi for us is scalability. We can grow as much as we want. And it’s cloud-based, so we don’t have to worry about on-premises systems and maintaining servers.
Walter Borgstein
Senior IT Manager Europe, Paula's Choice Skincare
Paula's Choice Skincare
Boomi helped us to embrace change, create an integration strategy, and think about where we want to head.
Sarah Walker
Head of Finance Services and Information, University of Sussex
University of Sussex
The business is starting to realize that Boomi benefits them. Our philosophy is, 'run your business. We'll take care of integration with Boomi.
Anselmo Guedes
Integration Competence Center, SHV Energy
SHV Energy
Boomi is reliable, easy-to-use, cost-effective and can scale to support our business needs and growth now and into the future.
Matthew McGinley
Chief Information Officer, Precision Medical Products
Precision Medical Products


Migrate to a connected cloud.