Boise State University

Idaho-based university streamlines projects including COVID-19 contact tracing and student/employee identity management, capitalizing on the speed and flexibility of Boomi and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Business Goals

Boise State University is advancing its use of technology to empower students, faculty, and administrative staff to thrive in a digital campus environment. Achieving those goals requires on-demand access to information, seamless digital experiences, and productive collaboration across stakeholders.

IT needs speed, flexibility, and agility to meet fast-changing challenges. For example, Boise State is rolling out a new contact tracing system using QR codes to help combat COVID-19, using the Boomi Enterprise Platform for data and application integration with AWS services.

Integration Challenges

Boise State needed greater integration speed and versatility to support digital transformation. In 2017, it secured a grant to finance a purpose-built integration platform, and evaluated top integration vendors.

Boomi’s ease of use, prebuilt connectors, scripting capabilities, and support for SOAP and REST were standout features. “The only platform that checked every single box was Boomi,” says Brian Merrick, Boise State’s enterprise integration architect. “The day we signed the contract, I built our first integrations with no training, because it was so straightforward.”

How Boomi Helped

Boise State has deployed over 100 Boomi integrations across cloud and on-premises systems. IT can handle more projects because integrations that took days to hand-code can be built in hours with Boomi.

Boomi Integration also equips Boise State to tackle complex initiatives such as COVID contact tracing.

“Contact tracers can work more effectively without needing to log into seven different systems,” Merrick says. “When a challenge rises to that level of urgency, we’re ready with Boomi.”


With the Boomi Enterprise Platform, Boise State has resilience to adapt to changing conditions like COVID, flexibility to deliver integrated experiences that elevate learning and administration, and new capacity to say “yes” to business requests.

The university has paired AWS and Boomi, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, in projects from live faculty-student chat, to a complex migration of 1,000+ on-premises WordPress websites. Merrick says the WordPress project was a success because through integration, Boomi was able to transform the existing installation into a format that could be hosted on AWS.