Boomi integrations help connect leading aircraft leasing company’s data infrastructure, providing real-time data to support financial forecasting

Business Goals

Avolon is one of the world’s largest aircraft leasing companies, buying aircraft from manufacturers and leasing them to many leading carriers.

Avolon needed to bring together data across its business, including contracting updates, cashflows, and treasury data. It also wanted to streamline and automate data management across multiple systems to reduce the risk of manual error, and make its business more efficient and reliable.

Integration Challenges

As part of its monthly financial planning, Avolon’s financial planning team was spending a lot of time bringing data from various sources into Workday Active Planning, its financial planning system.

The team consisted of two people tasked with inputting data into the financial planning system, reconciling it, and presenting management with the results. This process was taking 12 to 15 working days each month. Not only was the manual data entry process time-consuming, it also carried a high risk of error, which increased financial and business risk.

How Boomi Helped

With the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, Avolon immediately began seeing measurable results.

Now, Avolon’s financial team can produce its required monthly reports in as few as five working days. The company can also draw in data from a wider array of sources, and increase its reporting output. The risk of errors in financial reporting has been reduced by automating input and introducing controls that constantly monitor critical aircraft data to ensure it is within an expected range.

Avolon can also quickly integrate new systems as needed.


The Boomi AtomSphere Platform has provided significant benefits to Avolon. The company can now:

  • Complete monthly financial reporting in one-third of the time previously needed
  • Reduce the risk of errors by automating data input and introducing monitoring controls
  • Incorporate data from more sources into financial and other reports
  • Integrate financial and non-financial information across the business
  • Quickly integrate new systems as needed