ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Customer Spotlight: Ergon

Transforming Status Quo to a Data Driven Business

To grow an Oil & Energy company to a multi-billion business requires actionable strategy from the CIO. Siloed systems and “status quo” processes needed to be re-engineered to a data-driven business, to bring agility and deliver application faster.

To achieve it, the CIO and team partnered with the business to deliver modern techniques and solutions to connect, synchronize, and automate business processes central to SAP software with third-party systems.

Join the conversation with the CIO and team of a Global Oil & Energy company to learn how:

  • Create a solid strategy and path to modernize the SAP ecosystem
  • Establish a data-driven culture
  • Implement agile application delivery

Webinar Details:

Duration: 45 minutes (including Q&A)



Jana Branham
Executive Vice President and CIO at Ergon

Greg Jordan
Director of Enterprise Integration at Ergon

Marcia Morey
Global Director, Business Strategy | SAP & Dell Technologies at Boomi

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