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Pipelines, Platforms and Outcomes for IoT

IoT and the Edge are buzzworthy terms that pervade modern society. With the convergence of distributed technologies, like multi-cloud architecture, precipitous price decreases on hardware to generate data and the pipelines through which the data flows, prolific ways to make sense of the data with Artificial Narrow Intelligence, and the dawning of new networking technology, like 5G, the world is exploding with interest in IoT and Edge technology.​

Even with all of the possibilities that this tech promises to bring, it will never reach its full potential until outcomes are orchestrated. Sensors can provide real time data feeds of various states of a given object in the world, and this is good. But what do you do with the information that you have? This will be the purpose of the discussion.


Webinar Details:

Duration: 45 minutes (including Q&A)



Mike Bachman, Global Architect – Office of the CTO

Dell Boomi


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