Enhancing Scalability, Self Service and Security with Boomi API Management

Learn how a Boomi enterprise customer in healthcare – Medefis (part of AMN Healthcare) – is unlocking the value of its data and integrations by building a scalable development platform powered by APIs. As one of the early adopters of Boomi API Management, Medefis has leveraged the new features such as the API Developer Portal and API Gateway to speed deployment and lower the cost to maintain systems.

During the session, we will discuss:

  • How Medefis is using the Developer Portal to allow its business to scale in accordance with the growing demands of its 200+ healthcare partners.
  • How to reduce work on internal IT by allowing consumers to engage with data and endpoints in a self-service manner while maintaining enterprise grade security
  • The most important lessons learned in implementation and recommendations for the Boomi user on how to quickly adopt API Management

Webinar Details:

Duration: 45 minutes (including Q&A)



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