How Boomi Enables Successful Mergers & Acquisitions with Quanta Services & Techstone


Specialty contractor Quanta Services onboards up to four new companies per quarter. Fast, accurate data integration and Master Data Management are essential to Quanta Services’ M&A strategy, and its success. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Quanta Services, working with SI partner Techstone, was able to overcome its M&A data challenges to successfully deliver business value from day one.

Join us to learn how Quanta Services was able to:

  • Increase integration by 75% between new companies and Quanta corporate.
  • Empower citizen developers, including CFOs, controllers, and other nontechnical users, to configure 100+ integrations efficiently and execute them immediately, without IT support.
  • Facilitate fund transfers between an acquisition and Quanta corporate in fewer than 30 days — what used to take six months now gets done in one month.
  • Consolidate master data using the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, with expert assistance from Techstone.


  • Lisa Martin, Technology Correspondent, Silicon Valley
  • Ken Schmitt, Managing Partner, TechStone
  • Kurt Witt, Head of Data Management, Quanta Services

Lisa Martin – Technology Correspondent, Silicon Valley

Kurt Witt – Head of Data Management, Quanta Services

Ken Schmitt – Managing Partner, TechStone

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