ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Make Higher Education Go Higher With AI: Drive Student Retention and Donor Prioritization

The US has seen a student enrollment decline rate of over 2 million students in the last decade. Post-Covid, educational institutions are faced with a fresh set of challenges around student enrollment and retention, donor relations, administration effectiveness and more.

To meet the challenge, surveys find that 95% of universities recognize AI to be a significant opportunity. Efforts with AI are well underway, with the global AI in the education market estimated to reach $25.7B in 2030, up from $1.1B in 2019. CIOs and data teams have a crucial role to play in this transformation, as they identify high-impact use cases for AI in Higher Education.

Join our partner Aible, in this session with Kamalika Sandell, CIO at NJIT, former CIO at American University; and Joe Flynn, Public Sector CTO at Boomi, where they discuss:

  • The current landscape for schools and universities and the most common challenges for higher education
  • How higher education can use AI to solve pressing use cases such as student enrollment and retention, donor prioritization, faculty performance, and asset utilization
  • Best practices to get started with AI and how to ensure impact..

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