Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Cloud Platform for Hybrid Integration, 2019-20

Boomi Ranked a ‘Market Leader’

Ovum has just released their new Decision Matrix on cloud-based integration platforms. This in-depth analysis of cloud-based hybrid integration platforms gives enterprise IT leaders critical insights to select a cloud platform provider best suited to their hybrid integration requirements.

Ranking Boomi as a ‘Market Leader,’ Ovum’s report notes, “Boomi has expanded the capabilities of its iPaaS to support a range of hybrid integration requirements beyond on-premise and SaaS application and data integration… It is impressive to see how Boomi’s integration platform has expanded from iPaaS and API-led integration to cover B2B/EDI integration and simple file transfer use cases.” Ovum says that Boomi “offers a good feature-price value for enterprises of all sizes.”

Read Ovum’s report to learn,

  • How to select a cloud platform provider best suited to your integration needs
  • Why the market has shifted to cloud-native integration
  • Why Boomi was selected as a “Market Leader”

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