Avoid the Digital Transformation Failure Trap

Integration and automation are essential to helping businesses reach their modernization goals

Your business invests heavily in digital modernization efforts around new technology to enable you to move faster, operate more efficiently, and stay one step ahead of your competitors. But there’s an uncomfortable truth about digital transformation initiatives: They fail.

The Harvard Business Review noted that while most large companies devote significant resources to digital transformation, it’s often done “without seeing clear benefits or ROI. Although these failures have multiple causes, they are generally the result of underestimating the various steps or stages required to successfully execute a transformation agenda.”

Dodge these digital transformation pitfalls

One problem is not putting enough thought into how your business will connect new tools and best-of-breed applications so you can harness the full power of data in your digital ecosystem. Boomi calls this lack of integration the “modernization chokepoint.

Our guide, “Avoid the Digital Transformation Failure Trap,” looks at why most companies struggle to see the total value of their projects – and provides tips to help you be an exception. It explores how a modern integration and automation platform addresses these common connectivity gaps:

  • “Islands of applications” as a result of the explosion of disparate software as a service apps
  • Fragmentation from an exponential growth in data volume, locations, sources, and systems
  • The anchor of multiple generations of legacy technology that continue to be a critical backbone to the business and must still be integrated with modern applications

IT-friendly tools for seamless integrations

Overwhelmed IT departments can’t keep up the pace required by the business. Fortunately, there is a solution. A modern integration and automation platform provides a connectivity layer to all endpoints and allows your technology tools to instantly share and synchronize information. The positive impact reaches every part of the business: operations, finance, sales and marketing, HR, support, and IT.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to rely on a hope-and-pray strategy. Whatever you can envision, you can bring to life. All you need is a way to connect your applications to work together and finally harness the unlimited possibilities of your digital aspirations.

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