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Salesforce Integration Checklist

Salesforce Integration Checklist

A checklist of important issues for you to consider before starting any Salesforce integration project

Salesforce is a revolutionary information platform. It is even better with integration.

On its own, Salesforce can dramatically improve how companies run their sales operations, support their customers, and provide products and services to a market.

With integration, you can connect Salesforce to other critical business applications for enterprise management, finance, human resources, operations and logistics.

The Dell Boomi ebook, “Salesforce Integration Checklist,” provides an extensive list of issues for you to consider as you plan your Salesforce integration project.

This ebook provides guidance on:

  • How to account for the owners and users of applications and data connected to Salesforce.
  • How to map out your business processes by understanding how your data flows across the organization
  • How to understand the applications being integrated, their requirements, and how they interact with each other
  • How to find all the data needed to support Salesforce, as well as assessing the structure and quality of that data
  • How to assess your organization’s readiness for adopting Salesforce

By integrating Salesforce with other applications, APIs and resources, you make Salesforce even more valuable to your employees and your organization.

Our guide offers a wealth of ideas and insights for planning your Salesforce integration projects.

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