Modern Enterprise Data Pipelines

Today’s Challenging Digital Landscape Requires a Thoughtful Approach to Planning a Modern, Distributed Data Pipeline for Your Multicloud Enterprise

Businesses have access to more data than ever. And that’s a problem because organizations often find themselves drowning in data. One of the biggest challenges is integrating that exploding volume of raw information, so it’s useful to make data-driven decisions for creating better customer experiences.

Boomi’s Mike Bachman and three Dell Technologies data experts co-authored a free digital book exploring how innovation has made it possible to discover, govern, and connect vast amounts of data to move your business forward.

“Modern Enterprise Data Pipelines” discusses:

  • Aligning the business and IT to work together on a data transformation journey
  • A new way of thinking about data architecture for the cloud
  • Modern concepts around managing data pipelines, data fabrics, and endpoints

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