IT Modernization in State and Local Government

Explore how cloud-native integration helps state and local governments speed IT modernization in this ebook

IT modernization requires modern integration – not outdated tools and techniques

State and local governments face unique challenges as they work to modernize outdated IT infrastructure and applications. Though much progress has been made, data and application integration remains critical to the success of any digital transformation efforts.

In this ebook, you’ll find expert perspective on how your state or local government can accelerate IT modernization with cloud-native integration platform as a service (iPaaS) technology that’s far faster, easier to use, less costly, and more flexible than legacy integration tools and techniques.

That’s essential for state and local governments to deliver on the goals of IT modernization – provide citizens with new digital services, support data-driven policy-making, creating “smart cities” and sustainable communities, and streamline operations for greater cost efficiency.

Download the ebook, “IT Modernization in State and Local Government,” to explore:

  • 5 key considerations to speed state and local IT modernization
  • Connecting on-premises and cloud applications in a hybrid IT environment
  • Success story snapshots of state and local governments using iPaaS

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