451 Research Study: The Impact of AI on Enterprise Integration and Automation

Generative AI exploded in popularity in late 2022. Now, a little after a year, how do business and IT leaders view its promise, its risks, and its usefulness for integration and automation?

Industry analyst firm 451 Group and S&P Global Market Intelligence surveyed 650 CxOs and other professionals in North America and Europe about GenAI in the enterprise. Read the February 2024 Discovery Report, “The Impact of Generative AI on Integration and Automation,” to learn:

  • How business and IT leaders weigh the risks and promises of GenAI generally
  • What the most popular use cases are for GenAI in integration and automation
  • How businesses are already investing in GenAI projects, ranging from pilot projects to production
  • How business and IT leaders should assess integration and automation platforms for digital transformation projects leveraging the power of GenAI

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